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I am looking for ideas from fellow tax payers on how we can fix the problem with funding public education.

As a teacher there is always the burining question of how we can fix public education funding? I am interested to hear what many of you have to say on this subject.


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    May 15 2014: Re: "Somewhere you had a person make you an educated worker. "

    You only assume so.

    It's about learning, it's not about teaching, or funding. I am what I am because I learned what I was motivated to not because of a someone. Education in America in general is a religion and teachers are the priest selling a dogma few student today are willing to buy into..
    That's why students fail. They are no longer interested in buying into the system that you did..

    Other countries spent far less per student, (which others here have already pointed out) and get better results. Ken Robinson's talk says we need a revolution in education. not just change, or more funding (which amounts to throwing money at the problem). Mitre's TED Talk demonstrates that children want to learn, even where there are no schools or teachers.

    Your asking the wrong questions. .

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