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Student of History, Desire Machine Collective

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What kind of movies do you want to watch?

Hey TED, it's been almost a year sinve I've been here. I missed some of the people I've met on here and if you're reading this, "HOLA! Como estas?"

Anyway, I'm a filmmaker now and I'm making a feature film, maybe short, this year and I was wondering if you could give answers to some questions.

1. My question is basically an inquiry as to what kind of movie would you love to see/watch? I'm not talking about genre but about the content, like what kind of scenes would you like to watch? what kind of themes or locations or images would you like to have in a movie?

I'm actually already pretty much done making the story for my film, but I've made it keeping the 18-25 age group in mind. They are my target audience and with your help, I hope to expand my target audience.

2. What do you think is the future of films and art in general? Do you think there will be another revolution in the field of filmmaking?

3. How do movies with extremely silly cliche scripts manage to actually get funding and surprisingly, bring in a huge profit?

3. Why are short films so underated? They are also a work of art and it takes time and dedication to complete it, even if humongous amounts of money isn't poured in. Whats the future of short films?

Thank you very much.