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A country with a capitalist economy, but social purposes in order to help poor people a give then opportunities such as free education.

I am not socialist nor a communist guy, but I think we should work for or needs and the government should give opportunities to the people who can't pay for a private college, they should create public colleges like in Brasil or Venezuela(colleges are public a long time before Chavez's regime or Maduro' regime)........ Anyway I want to know what do you thing about a government with a capitalistic economy with social purpose in order to help anyone....


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  • Gail G3

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    Apr 26 2014: It is my thinking that capitalism and the greater social good are mutually exclusive.

    Capitalism means:

    Capitalizing on what others don't know, and then profiting by taking advantage of that.

    It is also taking advantage of bad things that happen to others. Profiting off the illness, accidents, crimes, mistakes and catastrophes that happen.

    It is also capitalizing on these 'breaks' and using that advantage to keep others down, thus maintaining a disadvantage that works to your advantage and then:

    Capitalizing on that advantage to widen the distance between those with and those without.
    It is fraught with reasons for fear, greed, crime, creating inequality, poverty, slavery and so on.

    It is by default, an unjust system that cannot be made just.

    There is another way, but until we give up our love of capitalism, we will not find it.
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      Apr 26 2014: Capitalism mean using one's own capital (financial assets) to make a living. There can be no social freedom without economic freedom.
      • Apr 27 2014: Have you not heard of the many cultures that did not use money/wealth, but that had strong, egalitarian, peaceful, and freedom-loving cultures?

        consider the Iroquois as only one instance. They had the longest standing democracy (by concensus) of any other culture in all of recorded history. They had no poverty, no police, no lawyers, no prisons, no IRS, no NSA, no divisions within their society. A law didn't become a law without unanimous consent. This forced the people to work together for the benefit of all -- so unlike our culture.

        Those early American luminaries, such as Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Locke, and others spoke of the native american indians as the happiest people known to earth. By comparison to theirs, our culture was barbaric
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          Apr 27 2014: Yes, I have heard of the Iroquois, where all men were equally free to be farmers in peacetime and soldiers otherwise,

          Where women were equally free to be the property of their husbands and had no rights whatsoever.

          Where children were, again, the property of their fathers and equally free to receive no formal education in the absence of a written language.

          Where everyone was equally free to die of old age in their thirties in the absence of any sort of healthcare.

          This is the Iroquois you're talking about, right?
    • Apr 29 2014: Gail G3
      I have said things very similar to what you wrote above but would still like to add that you were eloquent and accurate. Well done, well said.

      In spite of the fact that nothing is perfect, most all systems had money, so they had a means to become corrupted and did so.

      But now, when someone mentions trying a new way, they are either demonized with a word (commie, socialist), in order to mock, minimize, marginalize, and dismiss, new thought, new angles, new perspectives and any and all discussion. one reason being it would force people to truly learn how to think, imagine, dream and then follow through and do.

      Capitalism is a rotten system and it is rotten to the core. Any system that capitalizes on the bad luck, deception or any other things like you mentioned, is a rotten system.

      I find it amazing that people think and call this "civilization". We humans have not created, invented civilization nor have we or are we, civilized.

      Advertising in Amerika joins a military medic and a sports physician and calls them both, "sports healers"!

      Really? Like the brainwashing of American'ts is that war, killing, death, is all one big sport.

      And they're buying it.

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