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A country with a capitalist economy, but social purposes in order to help poor people a give then opportunities such as free education.

I am not socialist nor a communist guy, but I think we should work for or needs and the government should give opportunities to the people who can't pay for a private college, they should create public colleges like in Brasil or Venezuela(colleges are public a long time before Chavez's regime or Maduro' regime)........ Anyway I want to know what do you thing about a government with a capitalistic economy with social purpose in order to help anyone....


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    Apr 26 2014: It is a nice thought but the two concepts are not compatible. Education is a societal, a social responsibility meant to serve the whole of the citizenry, not just the self-interested. Capitalism is all about exploiting opportunities for self-interested personal/corporate profit and/or personal advancement. The constant assault on Western educational institutions over the last 50 years stands as stark evidence of how ruthless the capitalist agenda has been on public education.

    Nor is there any marketable opportunity that the profit takers - least we forget that con artists, swindlers and most criminals are the lowest forms of profit takers - will not exploit and they have bought and/or supported the politicians that will also support their rapacious agendas. And students are just another exploitable market for these guys. .

    You might want to take a look at Cuba's free for all educational system and the world wide recognized literacy rate the country has enjoyed for decades along with an equal recognition of its world-widely recognized free for all health care system. In fact, Cuba's literacy rate and access to education exceeds that of virtually every capitalist nation in the world as does its extremely pro active health care.
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      Apr 27 2014: Yes, Cuba. Highly literate and healthy with those social goals achieved. And saved from those those damned Capitalist taking it all away from the people?? Oh, wait a minute, Cuba is one of the poorest countries in the world.

      In one consideration, a native of a tribe in a dense jungle may not realize he is uneducated formally and poor economically, He could think he is living life as it is meant to be.

      But, in Cube, people are literate and healthy and they know how good life could be and they are suppressed.
      In fact, thousands of them faced great dangers and hardships to flee Cuba and go to the pinnacle of Capitalist suppression by con artist, swindlers, and other forms of profit takers... Miami...
      makes you wonder.

      PS.... Profits aren't taken, they are made.
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        Apr 27 2014: sigh, it is easy to take cheap shots and toss around old prejudices. .But the intelligent know that all they have to do is check the numbers for themselves.
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          Apr 30 2014: Do you have a graph to go with those numbers?

          Lies damn lies and statistics.

          That MIchael Moore illusion of health care is a complete scam.

          The standard of living is raised by technology which is created through the foundation of private property and comparative advantage.
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        Apr 30 2014: you can easily google it just as I did. I suspect you will be most interested in the CIA stats but there are dozens of other more reputable organizations that also support the premise.

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