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A poll - What academic discipline did you study?

Hi all,

I am curious to find out what academic disciplines are most common in the TED community, so I would be very grateful if you could help me out and take the short time to post a quick answer.
Since the conversations area does not offer the possibility to start a poll yet, my idea is that you simply post the number of the category that best suits you.

For example if you studied American History you should post "2.1" for history.

Further complexity would lead to chaos, so I think this Wikipedia list is long enough.

In about a month I will post links to the pie chart results! Thank you in advance for your help!

1 Did not study any of the below

2 Humanities

2.1 History
2.2 Languages and linguistics
2.3 Literature
2.4 Performing arts
2.5 Philosophy
2.6 Religion
2.7 Visual arts

3 Social sciences

3.1 Anthropology
3.2 Archaeology
3.3 Area studies
3.4 Cultural and ethnic studies
3.5 Economics
3.6 Gender and sexuality studies
3.7 Geography
3.8 Political science
3.9 Psychology
3.10 Sociology

4 Natural sciences

4.1 Space sciences
4.2 Earth sciences
4.3 Life sciences
4.4 Chemistry
4.5 Physics

5 Formal sciences

5.1 Computer sciences
5.2 Logic
5.3 Mathematics
5.4 Statistics
5.5 Systems science

6 Professions and Applied sciences

6.1 Agriculture
6.2 Architecture and design
6.3 Business
6.4 Divinity
6.5 Education
6.6 Engineering
6.7 Environmental studies and Forestry
6.8 Family and consumer science
6.9 Health sciences
6.10 Human physical performance and recreation*
6.11 Journalism, media studies and communication
6.12 Law
6.13 Library and museum studies
6.14 Military sciences
6.15 Public administration
6.16 Social work
6.17 Transportation