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As technology is advancing these days, the cyber crime is also rapidly increasing..How can we control this scenario?

Nowadays it is not even safe to use internet for money exchanges or for any such usage.

It all starts with a virus attack and later we realize the depth of the problem it has caused to us.

nowadays we cannot even trust some of the sites which comes when we search for details or for any information.

  • Apr 26 2014: Your mind, the education and common sense, you have obtained are always your best protection. There is no protection for a fool, they are their own worst enemy. It helps to realize that backup is the ultimate protection.
    • Apr 30 2014: I told the CSO of a very large corporation. There is no such thing as security, just the perception. The CSO of Intel at a conference said his job was to manage perceptions. 8>))
  • May 1 2014: Hi Dear Nithinsha,thanks for sharing the topic about technology,internet,crime...Infact internet is the same like real world.But I have to say:virtual world internet can let us know more about what really humanbeing we are...

    Everything there is two sides.I think the most important isn't 'Control' but guiding,teaching...
  • Apr 30 2014: If there was no crime before Internet, question is worth asking.

    Living things are susceptible to greed. envy and insecurity and they act up through whatever media that comes into play.
  • Apr 29 2014: Decades ago, in the USA, there was hand-wringing over how the automobile was accompanied by an increase in crime. It permitted criminals to be more mobile. Just pointing something out that could be pertinent.
  • Apr 29 2014: By teaching how to defend against it.
  • Apr 27 2014: yeah i agree. But should nt we use this wiser brain to utilize technology for better living?
    • Apr 27 2014: Fool-proof technology? "There is no protection for a fool, they are their own worst enemy." - Keith W Henline
  • Apr 27 2014: The average person is getting older and wiser. We are getting friendlier so there will be more treaties between different countries to help stop cross-border crime, especially cyber-crime.