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How humans are like parasites.

My reasoning for this topic is because of all the things people are doing to the environment. We are trashing the environment and taking from it, and we leave nothing behind. Whether or not we realize it, we are plunging thousands of species into endangerment and possibly extinction. Not just animals, but plants, fish, even ourselves.

  • May 3 2014: Blah blah blah, typical old superstitious nonsense. We do nothing to the environment that any other animal doesn't do. We are merely more efficient at it. The ONLY limit on what other animals do is their lack of ability to do it. We are no more "parasites" than is every other species. What we do have is the capacity to recognize what we do.
    • May 10 2014: Your view point of comparing Humans behavior with animals is ridiculous.
      Animals, insects and birds are different from humans.

      Humans do it out of jealousy, greed, selfish tendancies. Animals do not have such tendancies.
      Humans Kill their own babies (Abortion)., Animals dont abort
      When it comes to their own sufferings, Most humans (Including atheists) blame god, Animals do not

      In Short, Animals, birds and all other living organism is helping the universe, whereas humans just passes their blames and mistakes on others and tries to convince their heart that they are good and just pure life like animals
  • May 10 2014: There is a Grandiose idea of HUMANDKIND RELINQUISHING THE USE OF MONEY. An idea that is surely firing through the Natural Mystic of the Spiritual Network of Conected Minds n Souls on Earth...Not only is it a good idea, it seems like the best idea, the simplest, the keenest, the most spiritual. What would Jesus Christ say? But as always the key is Unity. So TOTAL UNITY is key. World Wide at one time, We decide not to use money anymore and simply use our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us.

    When? Well every culture has the custom of having a New Year Resolution. The calling in of a New Beginning, a new chapter. So a new Year seems like the best time.New Years 2015 Maybe?

    With the internet and Technology it should be an easy task to organize this Epic Move. Since the Industrial Revolution, the World had and has the
    exponential ability to provide more than the basics for more than 10 times the current world population.

    When money and separatism is no longer an issue, Humankind will see leaps in technological advances that we never thought attainable in our lives. Without the use of money, all of Humanity (those that wish to) will live in a level of luxury, comfort, automation and abundance that not even the richest Elites alive now would ever see in 1000 years (asuming we stayed in a capitalist-slavalist system).

    Lets take it to math and universal logic. We know that the shortest distance between 2 points is a direct line.The shortest route to Heaven on Earth is also a direct line. The key lies in drawing a direct line which means just going there by simply manifesting the actions and reality of life at point two and We immediately create that seemingly impossible dream/goal of Utopi a - Heaven on Earth. This can be achieved only if We collectively realize it.

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  • May 8 2014: We pay a price for our intelligence it seems. I believe we are on the edge of a new era. Worldwide interaction between each other and the overall sense of desire for justice in mankind is growing. It may get worse before it gets better, but we have enslaved ourselves for so long, it is time for change, cue john lennon imagine.
  • May 3 2014: People get bored.
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    May 2 2014: .

    Invalid happiness leads us to be so.

    (invalid happiness is out of the valid scope of our instincts)
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      May 2 2014: so someone seeking valid happiness would treat the environment better? In what way?
      • May 3 2014: I mean, people just do not care for the environment happy or sad. They only care for themselves.
        • May 3 2014: The environment does not have emotions.
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        May 4 2014: .Let's see:
        “3. Invalid Instincts
        Invalid instinct is defined here as the instinct used out of its valid scope formed by our ancestors about 10,000 years ago. Almost all of the invalid instincts injure human keeping DNA alive without exceptions.

        Therefore, they are the very cause of almost all kinds of bad things, including crimes.Among them, the invalid happiness and invalid suffering injure people the most.

        Invalid Happiness

        Should our happiness invalid be,
        Very much CO2 emitted must be.
        How much does that amount to,
        90% of the total ought to be!
        Quit the invalid happiness 90%,
        Stop CO2 emission the same %,
        For lowering the global warming,
        Isn’t that a significant %.”

        (From p 7,
        • May 4 2014: Bryan, I meant to say that people's emotions have nothing to do with the pollution. What I am saying is that people are destroying environments, trashing rivers and lakes, and have no regret for what they did. Humans are gaining from the environment, and the environment is harmed along with 1000's of other species.