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Introducing/Seeding life in mars

Could we seed life into mars, a lot is known regarding the martian atmosphere and environment. Would it be possible to send samples of lifeforms from earth to mars.

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    Jun 1 2011: Quite a fascinating idea, and as in Wiki link by David Evans seems quite plausible as well. One thing is for sure, this process sure needs time to achieve the kind of atmosphere needed.
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    Apr 30 2011: the problem with just sending any type of flora, fauna up to mars is it just would not be able to survive the extreme freezing temperatures or lack of an atmosphere.

    humans will never be able to inhabit mars. even if we set up some sort of indoor dome to live in, supplies would be hard to come by. you can not grow any crops at all. also, its not as if you could just pop back to earth to get some grub!

    an interesting question, but it can not and will not ever happen.
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      Apr 30 2011: I believe that most mars Terraforming plans tend to start off a little more modestly, introducing genetically modified bacteria into the planets ecological system. Then vast amounts of water and CO2 would then be added to the atmosphere, thus increasing the planets temperature. Fauna and flora would only be introduced after a stable planet temperature and atmosphere are established.
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    Apr 30 2011: The odds are if there is, was life on mars then it would be primitive anaerobic bacteria life and not much interest to study. However, the sooner we start terraforming mars to have a more favorable atmosphere that contains both oxygen and water , the better suited this planet will be for colonization and a staging point for inter-solar system exploration.

    While these life forms would be interesting to study(if they exist). for comparative Xenobiology studies, a stable colony on mars, trumps all of the information we could gain from these comparative studies.
  • Apr 28 2011: i am sure they could easily setup a controlled biosphere (so that we stiil keep mars pristine) to study if life on earth can adapt to conditions on mars. i sometimes wonder if any spores/virus/bacteria could have hitched a ride on some of the previous probes that have been sent there.
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      Apr 29 2011: That is a major concern, and I remember reading somewhere that that might of happend.

      I know, that's a great reference right? haha
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    Apr 27 2011: I like the idea of it! Why not right? Kick start nature on a new world with a mix of bugs and mold that can survive and set up a platform for more complex life to take hold! Long term terraforming!

    Some people might want to keep Mars pristine until we can study it and learn more about it. A reasonable argument.