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What is Truth?

Burdened perhaps by a history of social, religious and class intolerance, we – as a society, appear to have lost our way on the certainty of the values of things. Long-held beliefs about God, Country, Society, Tribe, Truth or Falsehood are now regarded as either relative or treated with circumspection. Even love is perceived by many as some grand delusion or fuzzy hog-wash? Is it? In an apparent bid for political correctness or perhaps for fear of bigotry and insensibility, we appear to be over-compensating for our mistakes of the past? Are we throwing away the baby with the bathwater?
Can every idea and inferences of their truths simply be sublimed in relativism? If everything is relative, then what constitutes is the fate of truth? As a premise for exploring this further, let us agree - that beyond relativism and individualism, there are fundamental values we must hold true in order to relate with each other, and live together as a collective in tribes, societies, states, countries and the World. If we shy away from our values, what do we have to correct our mistakes? For example, can’t we safely agree - that racism - in any form, is basically and fundamentally ignorant, if not outright inanity. We also can surmise that a person driving against the traffic on a one-way street is in fact doing something unintelligent. I could go on, and on. Altogether, we can conclude that the only safe extension of the truth still lies within the limits of the context in which it is considered. We can live with the fact that within the context of addition in base 10, one plus one being two - is, and will always be true.

P/s: Please resist subliming this discourse into sheer sophistry and semantics.


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    Apr 26 2014: Hi musk,
    Truth is fact, not what we believe necessarily, but what things actually are. We all think we have truth, but the truth is that we are all different, so none of us can have the whole truth.
    We all reach our truth by different routes; indoctrination, peer pressure, study, experimentation, experience, brainwashing, etc,etc. Once we have our truth, many dig their heels in; others continue to examine what they believe.
    Many are content with a simple truth, like "The Simpsons are cool": while others ponder the origin of the universe.
    Looking around, this planet just screams for folks to study & question; but the truth seems to be that most have no interest. This is a pity, because the Truth is out there, and no amount of political correctness can change that.


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