Ruben Vázquez

Sub-Teacher, Redlands Unified School District

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How can common core be helpful to our students, When so many people say it is even confusing for experts in their fields?

It seems to me everywhere I turn I am hearing terrible thing sabot common core and how confusing it is for people to understand how they want us as teachers to teach it. So I would love your views and see if you think we should scrap it and do something else that will help our students.

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    Apr 24 2014: I tried to help my grandson with a subtraction problem. Stright forward three numbers on top and three on bottom ... start on the right and do the last row .. middle row ... left row .. complete.

    I was informed that I had no clue and not to help him anymore. As I watched in horror there were twenty three steps to solve the problem.

    He was right I had no clue ... just a dumb ole engineer. Just for fun I took it to the principal and then the superintendent for them to solve the problem.

    I feel better now they both flunked also.

    Please ... someone get the federal government out of our schools .... please.
  • Apr 24 2014: There are 50,000,000 eggs in one basket.
    May no egg be left behind.
    Trust your central planners.
  • Apr 24 2014: When you say experts, who are they? I talked to some teachers and they had 2 concerns:

    1. time to learn how to teach the material (I wonder about this, say a math teacher teaching algebra says he does not understand how to teach statistics in addition to algebra)
    2. the students are not prepared to learn and perform at the level core requires.

    The 2nd point is the one that concerns me. Do you need to maybe introduce core from the bottom up rather than all levels at once? i.e. start in 1st grade, then 2nd, etc. It will take 12 years to fully implement core.
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    Apr 23 2014: One of my favorite subjects... the idea of a basic standard that all Americans can be taught is not a bad idea but, the devil is in the details.
    We have been provided those standards without much review by the states, they were made out by experts..... secondly, the experts gave the curricula to meet these standards and the reading lists to meet the curricula and the testing formats to achieve success of the tests. So with such detail, why is there a need for local school boards, school systems, or any other local or state educational offices. Principals can just get the package from Washington each year and hand out the materials to the educational facilitators.... there are no teachers any more just educational facilitators.
    I am sorry, but Washington has made a mess of so many programs such as the war on drugs, ending poverty, providing housing, health care.... you do realize that the ACA provides a convoluted insurance and no health care. If you have it, it's up to you to find a doctor to accept it.... that could become challenging.
    So, do we really need Washington to do to our schools what they have done with other programs?