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Is modern technology reducing our critical thinking by "just" affirming or confirming our preferences?

In a world where most of everything is automated I fear that my opinion is more and more streamlined not only because of media spinning but also because controversial opinions, statements, books, articles etc. are simply not provided (strange word... or rather recommended) any more... Amazon will show plenty of books or music similar to my last choices and seeming preferences... Facebook is filtering out non-conform friends.

Are we oversimplifying our live using modern technology, are we actually outsourcing our opinion making?


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  • Apr 23 2014: We indulge in distraction. When we get bored of it we indulge in the opposite.
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      Apr 24 2014: If this is a normal distribution the vast majority is somewhere in between... what do they do? And what does this mean for us? Are we doomed to lose our humanity as we either don't care or want to do it to well? What is your thinking here?
      • Apr 24 2014: As the global human population grows the average human being becomes older and wiser. People get bored. Males are more indulgent than females. The young are more indulgent than the old. There will be more old ladies telling little boys to "turn off the TV!"
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          Apr 24 2014: Your thinking sounds cynical, is this correct? Males are indeed more indulgent and I think it is about time that women gain more rights and positions so that we can get back to facing reality and not some male domination fantasies...
      • Apr 24 2014: People get bored - with technology, too. People are becoming older and wiser - with technology, too.

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