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What will the future of music hold?

I spend quite a bit of my time studying the history of music in all cultures in order to understand where music will be going.

In the last hundred years alone, music has become incredibly varied. With the introduction of electronic music, we experienced even more variety.

What do you think the next century holds for music?


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    Jun 16 2011: Another thought. It seems from archaeological finds that we have been making music for some 40 thousand years and getting hold of whatever implements were around us to that end. We'll probably be making music 50 thousand years from now, assuming we get there. Conclusion, music is hardwired in all of us. The mistery is why.
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      Jun 16 2011: ....and the joy..and the aspirations, and the need to feel free and so many other yearnings that come from deep inside us...yes music will always be with us

      .What do you think Gustavo of the evolving idea here that music will also always echo and refer to those anciet ryhtmns , frequencies and tonal phrasings to which our bodies and spirits have always resonated.?Larry's comments below, my own thoughts and pointing to Bela Fleck as an example, Mohammad's wonderful fusion music. What about the notion that our awakening to our new reality as global citizens, our new access to the ancient musical traditions of many different cultures and sacred practices will speak to us more and more through fusion music that also fuses from among these traditions. That music will in fact pave the way for our relaizatin as global citizens?.

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