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What will the future of music hold?

I spend quite a bit of my time studying the history of music in all cultures in order to understand where music will be going.

In the last hundred years alone, music has become incredibly varied. With the introduction of electronic music, we experienced even more variety.

What do you think the next century holds for music?


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    Jun 15 2011: I fear that predicting the next hundred years is utterly hopeless, such is the rate of change even now. Verne did a bit of this though, in his novel 1993 (written in 1893), with string quartets linked by radio from four different countries and share values instantly visible on a "screen". But technology and societies and education...who knows.
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      Jun 15 2011: Hi Gustavo..we won't hold you to what you said a hundred years from now if it turns out you are wrong?

      What about Eric Witacre's virtual choir..Lots' f posisbiities their for live on line improv perhaps membership supported or viewer paid like seminars are now.

      And for the immediate future what about the wokr that Bela Flek is doing on his tour with Edgar Meyer and the moroccan drummer? and his tour before that ..the African project. He is bringing some pretty advanved muiscal stuff to the mainstream and drawing coss over auduences of many generations.

      You see no emerging patterns that will unfold over lets say the next decade even?.

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