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Please recommend me some books or talks to check. Human mind and Society.

Hi. I'm a college student in Spain and I'm interested in the relationship between human mind and society. Especially through the modernization and globalization of recent era, I think the influence of such social change on people's mind is quite significant. In the future, I want to participate in the creation of society in which everyone will be happy, reducing number of depression rates and inequality. My knowledge might not be really sufficient, so I would like to ask you to recommend me some books, and talks which inspired you on this field. And also if you have some ideas, please share. Thank you.

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    May 2 2014: As you are a college student, let me direct you to highly accessible presentations by the most noteworthy active scholars at the cutting edge in this field:

    These are all scholars with impeccable credentials, solidly learned in their fields and regularly interacting with others who address the same concerns from the many directions you would expect for such an interdisciplinary area of inquiry. You have probably learned in high school and at university that there are lots of self-proclaimed scholars on the internet who are not at all what they claim to be in their testimonials, journals in which people can publish for a fee without serious review, and so forth.

    The reputable journal Nature has a publication called Nature Neuroscience you might review and, at a popular level but also carefully reviewed, you will find a publication by Scientific American called Scientific American Mind.

    Finally, as you are a university student, the research librarians in your main library or the undergraduate library can give you professional guidance to scholarly resources in this area.

    As you mention depression, let me suggest first this superb TED talk,

    You will notice that while other speakers are given 18 minutes, his message earned him a half hour of airtime. He has a couple of books out as well.

    And here are the TED talks with the tag Mind:
  • May 9 2014: These are not scientific literature, but rather stories which cover your subject quite well. While not 'factual' enough for use in a PHD thesis or anything, they show many different attempts to create the perfect society. Most of them wind up going down in flames, by the way.

    Brave New World - Aldus Huxley
    Henderson the Rain King - Saul Bellow
    Animal Farm - George Orwell
    Dune series - Frank Herbert (Pay particular attention to the Benne Gesserit order)
    Atlas Shrugged (although Ayn Rand is full of %$#%)

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    May 3 2014: You can check out the book Maasai Days by Cheryl Bentsen. The Maasai are interesting because even though they know about technology and could have it if they wanted to, they have chosen not to. They don't have television, no telephone, no computer, no washing maching, no automobile. I guess they are content living this way.
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    May 2 2014: well, I am trying to interest people in the masai diet, they are a tribe in Kenya who are famous only for living on beef and milk from their cattle. For the last five years, I have been living only on leche and un poco de pura crema, cada dia yo bebo uno o dos galones de leche (7.5 liters) y un poco de pura crema, and no bebo ni como ninguna otra cosa. Mi salud is excelente, Yo peso 165 pounds y soy six feet, one inch.