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Climate Change has been documented for over 56,724 years by the Kawaiisu Tribe of Tejon in California. Why is it ignored?

This data covers a thousand miles of Petroglyphs and Geoglyphs throughout the Kawaiisu Territory and are treated as art. The military destroys them as targets while they are most likely the best tool to save mankind.

  • May 7 2014: The only process for elimination of facts or lies is what one wishes to believe for the purpose of personal gain.
    Native Americans know the facts of themselves, as they are the authority of themselves. Published articles only benefit the non Natives for the purpose of termination of Natives.

    If you truly wish to know the published information on this subject, you can find it easily. To say, 20 thousands years opposed to 56,724 years is not relative unless you have an objective that is political. In fact, there is a scientific study being done in Mexico that has put Native Americans here as far back as a million years. Human remains with Dinosaurs. It was located by a woman Anthropologist from the U.S in the 1930's who was a friend of Emma Lou Davis. But she was a woman and now it is a man doing the study and that for some reason makes it more true.

    The Y-Chromozome study was done in several Universities in the 1990's. One being the University of California Santa Barbara. They all came up with the same results that the oldest living people on Earth are on the West Coast of the Americas. I noticed that someone actually used DNA as a way to measure age but that is not possible, because DNA does not measure the rate of mutation as the only way to do that is in the Y-Chromozome. The rate of mutation is very predictable and good sound science unlike Interpretive Anthropology, which has no scientific basis. Interpretive Anthropology is where the 20 thousand year theory comes from and is not a standard used anymore. In fact if there was a migration, it had to be from the Americas to other continents.
  • Apr 30 2014: I was going to post the information that you requested and then it hit me. You are the same old voice that made the excuse to set policy for extermination of the Kawaiisu People. By your statement alone, you are advocating for Manifest Destiny. You consider your science to be the only truth. Well I need to inform you that we are the authority of ourselves. As Europeans are the authority of themselves as it should be. Your Political position is based on false evidence and is used for the soul purpose of political justification. That justification for murder of 1.5 million Kawaiisu. It is clear in you own records that you believe that it was OK to steal our lives, land and culture because you are immigrants also and just because we Indians, got here first. Well, the fact is we were Created here by our kind and loving Creator and her name is Pogmatog Magot. We are being treated very badly today as in the past by people like you.
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    Apr 29 2014: There's a regular TED commenter that claims marijuana is a cure for cancer and HIV. Until now, I'd said that was the biggest delusional, steaming pile of excrement on the TED forums. Until now.

    Human life began in California (with you, naturally) and migrated to Asia, Africa, and Europe? The mitochondrial DNA evidence says otherwise.

    I suppose it's impolite to openly snicker in a TED reply, and I can't dignify Mr. Robinson's claim with more of a response, so I'll just stop now.
  • Apr 28 2014: The first colonization of North America is accepted at roughly 25,000 years ago. Likewise, I want to see the specific science published claiming that you are "the oldest people on earth". Sounds like a lot of blowhard propaganda to me. Cite the journal papers or be exposed as a liar. If you bluster and bluff and say you don't have to cite them, you are merely exposed as a liar.
  • Apr 28 2014: The Kawaiisu People have actually been here much longer than 56,724 years but that is when we started documenting climate activities. The evidence is not just mine it is established through Emma Lou Davis and the work now going on in Mexico. If you did your home work you would know that we chipped axes instead of grinding them. And yes I am the messenger of the Kawaiisu Tribe and it is the truth. According to your own data on the y-chromozome studies. we are the oldest live people on the earth. This puts us to over 100,000 years. That means migration had to go the other way...
  • Apr 28 2014: The data is published in the written language of the Kawaiisu People. The first thing is that you must know the language and then learn how to read and write it. The problem is that the dominate culture only reads and writes in a foreign language and totally ignores the real language of the land.
    The funding for this has been used by Anthropologists that just made stuff up so that they could get the funding and totally ignore the Indigenous People. As you can see, there is a real divide between the truth and the facts, while the so called professionals make stuff up to gain political and economic gain.

    It is published but you would have to go to a Kawaiisu School in order to know how to read it. We are about to start such a University and it will be opened in one year from now. There is some publications on this on this data. Emma Lou Davis wrote many articles but was ignored by the male dominate Anthropology Community in the 1930s and 40s.
  • Apr 26 2014: Where is this data published?
  • Apr 25 2014: David Laughing Horse Robinson

    People get bored. We'll take an interest now that we're aware. So, go on...
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    Apr 25 2014: I see from my own web search that you're the Chairman of the Kawaiisu Tribe of Tejon Council, so that you're here to grind a personal axe.

    I might care that the military is destroying these historical sites, but I'm not about to buy into it as a climate change issue. That's beyond ridiculous.
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    Apr 25 2014: First of all, California has only been inhabited by humans for 20,000 years. Secondly, are you kidding me? Please link any sort of data that verifies this claim.