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What are the best jobs for the next 30 years?

For the benefit of high school and college students (and others), what are some of the "best" jobs for the next 30 years?

By best I mean ones that have reasonable employment, pay enough to make a living, have potential for growth, etc.

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    Apr 23 2014: General Practitioner Healthcare hopefully will be switching to online as needed services, via APPs and Skype with a doctor station at everyone’s local pharmacy and at every hospital. Having a GP will stop being the norm.

    Really the next 30 years is highly unpredictable so high school and college students need to learn how to be adaptive, and known how to solve new unforeseeable problems to be the best for the next 30 years.
  • Apr 24 2014: David,

    No matter what profession you are in, you have to keep up and push to move into new areas. You can start off but you have to move, not just grow. What was hot last year, could be the job that is being down sized. Go back to the start of the web, web design and web developers were hot. Now we are seeing tools that allow reasonable web sites designed by the person off the street. Technology always takes over the more simple cases.

    In computing today, the "hot" areas are cloud, big data, mobile, and non structured data. As I have indicated, you need to either move deeper technically or upward to the customer. You can not stay, say a basic programmer. You have the guru programmer but he/she writes the central code, say the kernel for the OS or DBMS or etc.
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    Apr 23 2014: Owning a funeral parlour, as outsourcing of this service may be one of the last.
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      Apr 24 2014: Nursing & Funeral homes and will be in demand, (taking care of the boomers) for the next 30 years. But they will not be happy with their parents’ Nursing homes & Funerals, I don’t see them accepting siting around playing bingo or even desiring headstones. (headstones are not green enough ;)
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    Apr 23 2014: Healthcare? Computing? Business? Jobs that don't even exist yet?