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My Idea is to improve Bio Tech sector in fields like Energy, Food, Medicines, Waste water treatment, controlling Global Warming, etc.

As I am a Bio technologist but from last many years I am struggling to see the revolution which Bio technology could do.
Bio Technology can create maximum jobs in worldwide and has capacity to give best future to many types of industries like Agriculture, Food, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, etc.
In this forum I want to debate how It could be possible to give this world the best of Bio technology.

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    May 20 2014: you & me have to talk. I'm a nobody but I've got ideas on how your field especially agribusiness, power and fresh water could be more efficient producers. investors is what we'll need mission statements, draft plans etc. been thinking about this subject (post scarcity) since I was 8. I'm from Australia, you?
    • May 21 2014: Dear Patrick,, good to know your Ideas .... Iam from India, which is agriculture based country and as per my knowledge Australia is also an agri based country... As population in my country is much with compare to Australia .. Demand is high we can think forward in this .. As per my plan vl make a plan for investors in which we can use agri land of Australia to market Indian demand...
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    May 21 2014: honestly there is no need for food for India being grown in other countries what I propose is that the world must shift the perception of farmers toiling in a field but the should act more in the sense of a agri technician.