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Has the Supreme Court Lost It ??????

With all of the social, economic, and political issues facing the American People the Supreme Court of the United States took the time to hear POM Wonderful VS the Coca Cola Company. Coke makes Minute Maid and states that both pomegranate and blueberry are ingredients (they are at .3 and .2 %). FDA has reviewed and approved the label .... yet the SCOTUS has decided that this case is of critical import. POM says that .2 and .3 % are not enough to make the claim that they are present.

In a parallel fight, the Federal Trade Commission has accused POM of making health claims for its juices that the company cannot substantiate. POM is appealing.

If SCOTUS is going to hear cases where statements are made that cannot be proven .... they better send out for food and cots ... its gonna get busy.

The case at the Supreme Court is POM Wonderful LLC v. The Coca-Cola Company

Do you think the SCOTUS could find better cases? What do you think the job of SCOTUS is?