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Experienced/senior nurses are being denied jobs in hospitals because their salary step would be "too expensive". Newer RNs get the jobs.

Nation wide many nurses with 20-35 years of excellent experience and credentials are being turned away from hospital jobs because the collective bargaining unit for the hospitals set the wage requirements and we are at the top of the pay scale. Why hire 1 RN for $50.00/hr when you can get 2 or 3 for the same or similar cost. Expertise and experience do not seem to count for much.
I have encountered this same topic on LinkedIn.


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  • Apr 26 2014: When you enter the job market again you should and do compete with the entire market. Would you want regulation telling you how to run your business and who you have to hire? I think not.
    • Apr 26 2014: Hello, Keith.
      Let me ask you this question:
      If you were going to have a hip or knee replacement or open heart surgery would you choose a doctor that had been in practice for 5 years or one who had been in practice for 20 years-given that neither physician had any negative reports on his/her license?
      It's no different in nursing care. I've been doing something for 25-30 years and have invaluable experience and expertise to offer to a company.
      The choices of who to hire is not being made on competency/experience. It's being made on money.
      Ultimately it is the patients who suffer.
      • Apr 27 2014: No doubt what you say is absolutely true and it is true across the board for professionals everywhere in all fields. The fault is not at the people level, the fault is at the Corporate Level and let me put this in bold letters so you don't forget it. "CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE" no matter what the Supreme Court or Government (another Corporation) says. For Corporations money is the bottom line, people rarely if ever matter.

        SO, what do you think, is it time for a change?

        This country used to thrive with thousands of small businesses all up and down the street, now you have one big Walmart Corporation Monoploy from coast to coast. Sherman Act 1890, the Clayton Act 1914 and the Federal Trade Commission Act 1914 prohibited monopolies but all have been gutted along with the Constitution by the very people we reelect over and over to the Senate! It is a big joke and it's on us. We have a sitting President that declared himself (Lawyer, Judge and Jury) for anyone he declares is a suspected terrorist and anyone (man, women or child) who happened to be within a huge bombs reach of them at the time he personally pulls the trigger (American or not). We have a sitting Attorney General who was called before congress and held in "Contempt of Congress". Above the Law? Way, way above the law..... George W Crazy style above the Law.

        What is my solution? I think "every" person should spend the $300 and be a Corporation. When kids are born they are automatically Corporatized by their parents. This way we can "all" hide our money in offshore accounts and the Corporation will pay for all our expenses for the rest of our lives, health care, pension, education, vacations, business trips all over the world... come join the club it is only $300 and live a carefree life.

        Don't miss this cartoon of the Senate: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:The_Bosses_of_the_Senate_by_Joseph_Keppler.jpg
        • Apr 29 2014: Typically the largest building you see when driving into a city is some kind of Insurance company.
          I agree whole heartedly that the government and corporations are rampant with greed and that seriously has to change. We have to stop paying wash DC officials salaries for a lifetime (X-presidents get $450,000/year for life when they leave office).
          There SHOULD be tight term limits on time in congress and when they leave they get some severance pay and a wave bye-bye.
          Congressional salaries should be half or one third what they are now and all in congress should share the same health care benefits as their constituents.
          Folks on welfare should be active in job training programs and be cut off after____years. Money appropriated for military spending should be overseen by unbiased parties so we don't have $100 hammers and $350 toilet seats. ALL of these things are true and many folks are striving to help them come to fruition-but like the saying goes "you can't fight city hall". "Money rules" because "he who has the money makes the rules". I am for all of these things. In the mean time my family is slipping closer to the poor house (or no house). I'm trying to find a job at a fair & livable wage. Just like the 1976 film Network, starring Peter Finch - "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more". But for now I just need a job!!
      • Apr 29 2014: Debbie for what it is worth hear is my recommendations. A) Take your resume and tear it in half - don't tell them about all the advanced experience and years you have or rank. Get hired as a regular nurse with a few years experience and go to work. Sure you will have to bite your lip and then later you slowly show them what you got which will keep you in a job and because of all your experience you should advance real fast anyway. The point is you got to get back to work asap and worry about your next move later. B) You may not be able to get another nursing job at your rank and pay but you have a lot of great experience that could be used for many related fields for instance you could make a website and business and sell products related to that field and because you already know how to talk to and who to talk to your foot is in the door. Whatever business you do, start a corporation so you can compete with the big dogs and make a run for it. Fight fire with fire. C) Whatever you do you may not ever make as much money as you did before so you may have to downsize your spending budget and the sooner the better.
        • Apr 29 2014: Thank you, Keith. However it absolutely doesn't work that way in nursing. As I posted to William, the crucial issue is that I will NOT lie! I have my honesty and integrity integrity and I won't compromise that.
          We have downsized most everything (sold most all that we could)-except our home. (that is a very complex issue that I won't go into).
          I have searched for and applied where I could to be a representative for durable medical equipment (such as IV pumps up to sophisticated life support equipment as used in ICUs). The majority of there positions are also sales positions. I'm not really a sales person.

          Your suggestion for me to start something on my own is an interesting thought. I would have to solidify in my mind how that would work/what services would I offer and how. I need to overcome the disappointing and demoralizing experiences I've had.
          That is food for thought and I'll run some ideas past a few of my nurse friends.
          I most certainly appreciate the support and suggestions everyone has offered in this forum on this issue. (I still like to hear back from Lawren. His responses have been enigmatic to me!)
          I must continue to pursue all avenues (as I have been) and pray that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train. Ha Ha!

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