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Who are you? Defined by your genetics and created by your human experience

If according to facts stated in the talks below, how can someone now learn their genetics in the fastest fashion to understand their subjective experience at a level where they now longer have to ask Why am I hear but understand now that their existence does count in this universe?


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  • Jun 27 2011: There are 2 answers to this question for me:

    On the grand scale I'm just a very small part of the universe's machine to converge energy and intellegence, just like everything else that is alive.

    On another level I'm just the person that I and only I know. It is said that you're preceived by everyone differently and it is never possible for someone else to know as much about yourself than you. Since you are the one defines, or by the standards of our society responsible for defining through speech and actions, who you are, you are really quite lonely in your own worlds which no body fully understands.

    In terms of genetics and other scientific methods of determining who you are, I think eventually we'll find out that we're all very similar. It's not rocket science that we're all descendants of some single cell organism. Look in this direction you may but I suspect very little you will find about who you are.

    - Ding

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