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Who are you? Defined by your genetics and created by your human experience

If according to facts stated in the talks below, how can someone now learn their genetics in the fastest fashion to understand their subjective experience at a level where they now longer have to ask Why am I hear but understand now that their existence does count in this universe?


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    Apr 27 2011: That's a mighty sentence!

    If Im reading this correctly it seem your asking...

    "Why should I bother learning about my genetic code when we don't mattter from a univeral perspective?"

    Please correct me if your saying something else..

    Of course we don't matter on a universal scale! On a universal scale, NOTHING Matters! You might even say some things...anti-matter :D

    However we don't live our day to day lives on a univeral scale. The things we do matter to the people we effect. Our lives have meaning to some, but won't if you don't give your life meaning.

    Why should we learn about and potentialy modify our genomes to take eveloution into our own hands? Cause it's cool! I don't mind if the universe is out to get me, I want to glow blue!

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