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Are our returning Soldiers (and US employees) being Quarantined and checked for infectious diseases, like polio, TB, and drug addictions?

Our Soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Pakistan, may be
bringing home more than just themselves, and I don't mean a
possible heroin addiction, although the poppy fields have grown
136% since we got there. And they do supply 80% of the world's
tar for heroin production.

Something far more sinister.

California Doctors are perplexed by the emergence of a cluster
of 20 cases of a polio-like disease in children, who appear to have
suffered paralysis in one or more limbs.

There are just three countries in the world where Polio disease is
still endemic – Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria –

Cases sporadically occur when people travel. The ease with which
polio can return to an area that was free of it was recently shown by
an outbreak in Syria.

Polio was eradicated decades ago from the US and the UK, but
vaccination of infants is still very important because of the danger
that it could be re-imported.