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Evolution of Leadership

Many Corporations have failed during the past decades to revolutionize their policy in terms of leadership. There is a major gap between the rising talents and the establishment which has been inherited.

Future Leaders need to acknowledge that the free flow of information is narrowing the gap of knowledge between upper and lower management.
In theory, we should be expecting an evolution of leadership, but yet many Corporations have failed to recognize this phenomena.

What is your opinion? Don't you think that the style of leadership is subject to change? What should be changed?

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    Jun 4 2014: what information do you think is flowing more freely now than in the past?
    • Jun 7 2014: Hi Greg, thanks for the response.
      Well let's take a live example > TED
      I don't think that the level of information that we have access to on platforms such as TED was available 50 years ago.Information can relate to knowledge direct or indirectly.
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        Jun 7 2014: I'm not sure, Fereydoun. I think 50 years ago if you had been interested in finding interesting, cutting-edge ideas, you would have found a way. And also, both 50 years ago and today, there's information that's hard to get, you have to be creative and hard-working to get it, and middle managers might not be able to get it, that's part of what makes the top people the top people, that they know how to get difficult-to-get information.