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Food serving according to human hunger.

Currently Food wasting is quite a big issue in today's world, as my idea is towards the restaurants specific industry, key points of the idea are as below:

• Person should get the quantity of required food as per hunger.

• As we know that when person is in hungry state, it's BP (Blood Pressure) & Sugar Level & different various elements differs from when it is NOT in hunger state.

• If we can able to get these information from person, then we can apply different algorithms for calculating the calories required by that human body and we can serve the food as per body requirement of the person.

• It can implemented in different ways, like we can suggest people to take specific quantity of any food, like we already calculated that fried chicken 1/2 KG or 250 ounce contains 400 calories (we had to maintain database for this at one time or give option to restaurant owner to put these values manually) and we will transform the hunger into 1-100 and before suggestion we can ask to customer that he wants to take 25%, 50%,75% of particular food item in case of multiple available dishes.

• It can help people to control overeating and save the wastage food as well.

• This idea may use in terms of different ways in restaurant, fast food industry, like coke filler have a defined limit of quantity to be filled in the glass, so in near future we can generate the idea for defined limit of food serving based on this idea.

I have many things in my mind regarding this idea but it's a general overview of whole concept.

  • Apr 25 2014: Faisal

    I am sure your intentions are sincere and well meant, but have you thought this out? What you are suggesting is a process by which we now use to feed chickens and cattle. Would you have a bio feed back system electronically implanted in humans, which will send signals to a government feeding station indicating required nutrients. Would the human than be summoned by government for a feeding? Or would humans line up at the feeding stations at a certain time of day?
    What if a human illegally eats and consumes more then the government has permitted?
    You indicate suggesting to the customer, as a solution. What if he refuses your suggestion? What are the ramifications?
    Does the government now install food monitors in restaurants with arrest powers. Can restaurant proprietors be fined or jailed, if they fail to suggest or provide to much food?
    Would it not be better simply to raise the tax on all food stuffs, especially those items which are deemed unnecessary or harmful? The government would have increased revenue to hire more government bureaucrats and to offset the cost of more police. The black market in food stuffs would increase and more jails will be needed, however, human nature being what it is.
    Perhaps, we can place a height to weight ratio and people who exceed the proper ratio can be fined or jailed,
    Your ideas are Orwellian, if not worse, You propose to treat a human as if he were no more or less than a grazing animal.
    Food waste may be a problem. Overeating may be a problem. I do not see your solutions as solutions, but rather a blueprint for the herding and harvesting of humans.
    Correct me if I am wrong.
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      Apr 25 2014: Dear Charles,

      First of all i would like to thank you for feedback.

      Regarding the points which you arise are valuable but my research is towards those human beings who are willing to do this act by their own wish NOT mandatory or forcefully implemented by law.

      Every sensible human is concerned about the over eating habits problems and as it is intial idea, i am not sure how applicable it is that's why i float this idea on this forum.

      Thank you.
      • Apr 25 2014: Faisal

        This qualification was not made in your original post or perhaps I missed it. I am certain your concerns are valid and heartfelt.
        Education is the only avenue and with that you are dealing with human beings. Tread lightly they are not cattle.
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        Apr 29 2014: I agree with Charles, education is the key point.
        By the way, only looking at eating habits is not enough anyway. Eating must be seen in context of physical activity and sleep habits as well.
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    Apr 24 2014: You should talk to my friend Maymay (Meitar Moscovitz) on this subject. He has some pretty interesting ideas about food waste, and is working on a great project related to this!! You can find him here: http://maymay.net .. shoot him an email.
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    May 1 2014: Western culture is far too arrogant to ever accept limits on any form of self indulgence, especially when it comes to artery clogging fat and sugar. Then there is the food/fat industry that would go bananas at the mere suggestion that customers might not be consuming and thereby dropping as much cash as possible in their businesses.
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      May 3 2014: Dear William,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      As my idea is Not limited to any geographic boundary, it is for benefit of human being. This idea may down the sale of restaurant apparently for shorten slap, but it would be beneficial for both end in long run.

  • Apr 29 2014: Hi.
    To my way of thinking, you are talking about being moral, acting moral and treating others in a moral fashion.
    All human needs should be Human Rights to begin with. Without fail.

    This means that the things we work for, the resources of the earth, are free for everyone and in ratio to what their needs are.

    The resources of the earth were here before humans and were for every form of life on the planet and they were free.

    To be moral or to become moral, a person must first be free.
    The same applies to the earth's resources. In order for them to be managed in a "moral fashion", they themselves must also be free because they cannot be managed morally until they are free.

    At the present time, they are horribly and intentionally mismanaged in an immoral fashion by those in power or those who have control and power of them and in some cases, even ownership.

    This should not be as it is insanity to actually agree and believe that any one person, group of people, corporation, or country can own a resource of the earth.
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      Apr 29 2014: Hi Random

      i am NOT sure that you have read all of my project idea and it sub parts, because your reply are not up to the idea relevant.

      I apologize if i misunderstand.
  • Apr 29 2014: brother pakistan main jitna marzi ideas aa jaen but pakistani people ki nature kon change kara ga i mean jis tarha se log weddings main khanoo pr tot taaa hain it's awesome aisa lagta hai jaisa iske bad sub ne shaeed ho jana ho.so i think ideas ka sath sath we need to give some healthy awareness to people ta ka log apna brain ko b use karain sirf dil ke he na manain
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      Apr 29 2014: Dear Umar,

      As my idea is NOT about limits of geographical boundaries, TED is international Platform and here's the ideas exchange and move towards the practical implementation after brain storming of worth full ideas.

      So always think positive and this idea is regarding the research oriented , so try to think according to your domain that if you are doctor then think that how we can segregate the huger state and NOT hunger state and if you are Nutrition consultant then think like how we can suggest the food nutrition to the consumer & if you are biologist then may think like what are body cell changes when human is in hunger state and how much energy body needs to full fill.

      Best regards
      • Apr 29 2014: mr faisal,
        first of all good luck for your thoughts.idea chota ho ya bara national level ka ho ya international level ka practically implement kerna ke bad us ko successfull banana ke liya us ke promotion kerna hote hai logo ko information da kr unha aware kr ka us ka advantages bata kr tb he log us ko follow karain ga this is what i mean to say general bat ke hai or fact bataya hai about some people not all is main domain ya professionalism ka koe link nahe hai ap ke is idea ko discuss nahe kiya n its not a bad idea if you will able to make this happen practically
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          Apr 29 2014: Thanks Umar,

          I must appreciate your contribution.

      • Apr 29 2014: i also appreciate you
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    Apr 29 2014: Although hunger has physiological reasons, there is also a subjective component to it.
    To begin with, if I'm not hungry I don't go to a restaurant. So from the beginning we can already assume that most people visiting a restaurant are going there to satisfy their need for food.
    Once I'm in a restaurant, I don't want to have my blood tested before somebody decides how much food I should get based on those measurements.
    Then there is the question of price. I wouldn't accept a price X for a dish which quantity was calculated based of my measured hunger while another person on the same table gets twice the amount of food for the same price because he was tested for higher hunger.
    And last but not least there is the freedom of choice. If somebody wants to overeat then he has the right to do so.
    No restaurant or anybody else can decide for him that he gets less food because of somebody's calculation that he isn't supposed to be hungry.
    Conclusion: I'm not signing up for your idea.
    Something that's much more meaningful and already exists in many restaurants is the option of different sizes for the same dish.Depending on the country one can often take left overs back home. So it's not wasted either. For example, it happened already several times that I took left overs from my dish and gave it to some homeless person on the street.
    And then there are the choices of the menu. If somebody doesn't feel very hungry he can stick with a simple salad while the one who is really hungry eats a juicy stake.
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      Apr 29 2014: Dear Harald,

      Thanks for your valuable feedback. As my idea is not some thing which can be directly applicable on the current scenario, it's a basic a research oriented idea, as currently sugar level can only be measured by blood sampling and i am assuming that our medical field is much enhance to measure these calculations by using different sensors (like when you walk in the restaurant, then using any device, all required info gathered, if you remember the new idea car launching of JAGUAR then in which exterior color of car is changing on the deepening on your mood, they determined the mood by sensing the heart beat, blood pressure when driver puts hand on steering)

      I agree right now restaurants don't want to in place such system which may reduce their sale,

      But in future this idea can be implemented in different restaurant as a Competitive Advantage by highlighting this service as distinguish feature of their restaurant and believe me people are really concerned about their health and they are happy to pay extra for this.

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        Apr 29 2014: I don't think people want a scientific approach to a restaurant experience. Going to a restaurant is not just for the purpose of feeding but also to socialize.
        If people are interested in controlling their weight or food intake then they probably go and get the advise of a nutritionist.
        On the other hand, many people just don't care. They are happy with their belly and don't want any third party deciding what and how much they should it.
        So, I an't speak about your country. I don't know the behavior of people there but I'm sure here it wouldn't work unless there is a very (!!!!!) good incentive for it.
        This incentive could be a reduced price if you take a smaller serving, but as I said, that already exists to some degree with restaurants offering different sizer for the same dish.
        As to measurement: If I tell you right now that I'm hungry then that's it was it is. I don't need a measurement to confirm that I'm hungry (or worse, tell me that I'm actually not hungry) because what counts is that I FEEL hungry and want whatever dish I choose without anybody telling me otherwise.
        Anyway, good luck with your project !
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          Apr 30 2014: Thank you Harald,

          I must appreciate your comments.

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      Apr 29 2014: Also want to add one more thing.

      Every Idea is NOT which is straight forwardly appealing/applicable, it's about think out of box, if you don't want to participate in Future then up to you.

      Be happy :)
  • Apr 28 2014: Hi Faisal,

    This is great idea (if you successfully get it implemented), but I have few points in my mind according to your idea description.

    1- Why you think that restaurants / fast food chains will allow you to implement this idea, as you know this is their business and they want people to eat as much as they can and some time even overeating. This is how they making money and they will not let someone to reduce their daily sale by stopping people not to overeat.

    2- Why anyone allow a restaurant / hotel / fast food point, that first they measure the hunger of the person and then give them the menu to order something?? Take is as some very popular chain of fast food where people are standing in lines to place an order, do you think that there will be another line to test the hunger level of the person??

    3- If some restaurant has a popular dish with full of calories will you ask them to start telling their customers that eat something else because this product has more calories??

    4- How you going to handle hunger of mind and hunger of body?? because some time your body do not need the much food but your mind ask for larger portion, so if you get this idea implemented you need to deal with both, so how you going to handle hunger of mind.

    There are lot of other constraints which need to be taken care and which makes me think that this idea is not viable practically.

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      Apr 29 2014: Hi Agha Zair,

      Thanks for your interest and having deep thoughts on this idea, please find the reply regarding your concerns as below:

      1- Specially focus on the restaurants/food chains because most of restaurants charge on per person basis, so they don't bother that how much you eat, they will charge you on person basis, but you can analyze the food wasting during this process is too much, specially in the west people are concerns regarding the nutrition of food and really want to know it's effect on their health.

      2- This is core thing of my idea, i am not sure that either i am able to elaborate it in my original idea or not, but i am looking for automatize system of blood pressure and heart beat monitor which can be calculated on some device (this is already implemented on Jaguar new model in which when you put your hand on steering, it will judge your mood and change the exterior color of car according to your mood on the basis on different algorithm calculations) , so we can also implement in away that when some body in restaurant, customer can have touch the device only and it will grab all the required info and on the basis of that info, when customer wants to put any thing on the plate, system will guide him about the quantity.

      3- As my ideas is towards only for those people who are really concerned about their diet and health, as this system will be optional, not having forceful implementation on every customer.

      4- As i mentioned in my original idea that customer will select manually using any device that he wants this dish as 25% OR 50% of huger level, as the huger will NOT be calculated on the basis mind need, it will be calculated by applying different data sets experiments, We need to prepare sample database for this, like we check randomly that if any human blood pressure and sugar level is such then how much calories his body needed to full fill the hunger level.

      As it is initial raw idea, it needs improvements by All of your inputs.

  • Apr 27 2014: Faisal,

    You have more faith in the human animal than I do. I think your approach is based upon the assumption that people will see the human race as one family/tribe. Currently, I do not see it happening in my or my grandchildren's lifetime.
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      Apr 27 2014: Dear Wayne,

      I always try to think possible, i believe we should NOT ignore/leave the ideas due to it's implication in current situation, may be in future this idea can be used as base inspiring for some big idea.

      We Will see this idea in action.
      So think positive :)

  • Apr 23 2014: I think it is unfair that people that live near lush jungles that produce lots of oxygen will be able to exert themselves more which will keep their blood sugar down so they will get more food than city dwellers in the temperate zones of the world. Why can't we ration air?
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      Apr 24 2014: Rodrigo , thanks for your thoughts.

      But my intention are to save the food and prevents human for the disease which may occurs due to overeating, it is NOT attention to stop any body for eating, it is basically for human benefits
      • Apr 25 2014: People get bored. We over-eat when we get bored then we get bored with over-eating.
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          Apr 26 2014: This idea is relevant for the betterment of human eating habits, most of the people are concerned what they are eating and how much beneficiary it is for him/her.
      • Apr 27 2014: Can we rely on taste to regulate our consumption? Does cooking food affect the taste? Does cooking food fool our ability to regulate our consumption of it? Can we rely on taste to regulate our consumption but only if the food is raw?
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          Apr 27 2014: Yes, there must be some base assumptions regarding the data set on which we are going to implement this idea, as we are aware of the participant (human) medical condition, like blood pressure, current blood sugar level etc.
      • Apr 27 2014: Do we only over-eat cooked food? Do we over-eat raw food? Does altering the taste of food, by cooking it, confuse our appetite?
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          Apr 27 2014: Currently this idea can be implemented on the cooked food only but on later stage we can implement it on non cooked food as well by applying the weighting/calories indicator on individual items.
      • Apr 27 2014: Has south-east Asia adapted to rice? Do they require less or more rice than their appetite for it? Has the vegetarian south of India adapted to a meat-less diet? Has the West adapted to meat?
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          Apr 27 2014: Yes, they do, but my idea is for all types of human who are vegetarian & non vegetarian by just only defining the calories used by these products.