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can poor students from country like pakistan can be given opportunity for higher studies

as a mechanical engineering student our B.S level course is not upto the mark i mean the technologies nowadays are so much sophisticated that we need to be at that level to invent or bring the new ideas so what would it take to be at that level to go and earn scholarships for foreign studies

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    Apr 25 2014: Any country, even the poor ones, can provide decent education for its citizens if the whole country makes it a priority. If Pakistan can make nuclear bombs, it means it has the brains and the resources to provide good education for its citizens, including higher education.

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    May 22 2014: This is a great question. Scholarships and competition go hand in hand. I think students need more exposure to foreign research materials,books, teachers... but education is good in Pakistan. Good luck.
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    May 11 2014: ok here in Pakistan, there are many good universities which do offer scholarships to it's bright students. Also you can look up for scholarships offered by HEC. It's all about making some effort and looking around.
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    May 10 2014: Education for Pakistanis is the problem of Pakistanis. Solve local problems at the local level.

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  • Apr 27 2014: What you are talking about is imho the fluff. The basics of mechanical engineering, which the BS level should teach, has been the same for many years. CAD/CAM and simulations have helped but are only tools. Many beginning engineers fail because they do not understand the basics behind the tools they use. They depend on the tools to catch their errors and they will kill people.
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    Apr 25 2014: maybe you can give us a report on poverty in pakistan. How does poverty in pakistan manifest itself, are people starving to death, or what?
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    Apr 24 2014: thanks dear for your hospitality