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What would you do on your last day to live?

If i were to answer my question i would make sure that i would spend that last day with my true love if i had one.

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    Apr 24 2014: Hi Julianna,
    I would probably be doing the same things I'm doing today, except I'd skip the task of stacking wood for heat next winter!!! I would probably use that time connecting with people I love.

    I had a taste of death years ago with a horseback riding accident. I never imagined that morning, that I might be very close to death that afternoon.

    Every morning when I wake up, I am aware that today could be the last day of my life, and it could be the first day of the rest of my life, so I live it to the best of my ability:>)

    I try not to leave things unsaid or undone, because when I am taking the last breath in this life experience, I don't want to have any regrets:>)
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      Apr 24 2014: I agree thank you for sharing
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        Apr 26 2014: My pleasure Julianna:>)

        Contemplating death, often causes us to pay more attention to life:>)
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    Apr 25 2014: Except Colleen's thoughtful reply, and a couple of others' - this thread looks like the most brainless bunch of comments of all I have ever read on Ted...

    Sorry that I've read most of them..but only in hope to find something meaningful.

    Hey folks, you must revise your existence while you have some time ahead.. before you're READY TO DIE.

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    Apr 24 2014: eat breakfast, drink yerba mate, exercise outside, eat lunch, take a nap under a tree, start a fire while watching the sun set, drink tequila, eat, drink, talk, laugh until the end. Or do what you would do. both would satisfy.
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    Apr 26 2014: In this day of my life, I'd like to give a walk with the people I love, my family and best friends, a walk near the seaside, under the wonderful spanish sun, speaking to them por begging their pardon and for trying to explain some of my life's big errors. After that, I'd like to listen a Beethoven's simphony, resting quietly. In the evening, I'd like to have a couple of well made 'mojitos' under the quiet and fresh andalousian sky, tasting the fresh 'mojitos' and watching the stars. In the final hour, I'd like to be alone, with no pain, and reading a good book till sleep.
  • Apr 26 2014: "I would probably be doing the same things I'm doing today" Colleen as usual we are on the same page.
    Everyday "is" my last day to live, no one is guaranteed a tomorrow.

    "We are all going to die tomorrow, keep that in mind today"- Keith W Henline
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      Apr 26 2014: Nice to be on the same page Keith:>)

      I agree....there is no guarantee for tomorrow.

      If we are really growing and learning in each and every moment, today probably IS the last day of our life as we think we know it today:>)
  • Apr 25 2014: I would say good bye to my friends and loved ones. Find a good spot, listen to the music I love (Mozart, Journey, Queen, the Beatles, Billy Joel, Beethoven, etc.), have some books around in case I want to read, and work on problems I have been working on for years hoping to solve them.
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    Apr 24 2014: well, if i had a lover i'd have as much sex as possible, otherwise i'd masturbate. also call people i loved and tell them i appreciated them. check out the sun and grass.
  • Apr 24 2014: If I can do anything on my last day to live, I would like to know the truth of this universe....

    If I can do something possible on my last day to live, I just want to spend time with people I love.
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    W. Ying

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    Apr 24 2014: .
    I would tell people
    do not be misled by Invalid Happiness.
  • Apr 23 2014: GREAT Question! Especially given the duration is only one day. I will spend the next 24 hours pondering it and then return if I have something worth sharing. But great question nonetheless.

    I didn't need 24 hours...for me the answer is obvious. I would climb into my handicapped sister's crib and spend the time with her. She is my perfect little angel. There is only abundant joy when I'm around her.
  • Apr 23 2014: Screw my eyes shut and never open them again.
  • May 18 2014: Eat, Drink, Laugh, Dance, Sing, & Love those closest to me.
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    May 15 2014: Johny Atman says:

    Every days is the last day of my life...and the first.
    I die daily,and am born again.
    Living and dying is the same coin, with two faces..should you learn how to live and die simultaneously, you will taste of Immortality.
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    May 1 2014: Hi Julianna,

    Answer: much as I am doing today.

    By the way, you say: "... i would spend that last day with my true love if i had one." "...if I had one??" But you do have one, Julianna. Yourself; as in "love your neighbour as yourself". And then you will find that genuine self-love & acceptance is reflected in relating to other people, and interests.
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    Apr 29 2014: Every day we should hear at least one little song, read one good poem, see one exquisite picture, and, if possible, speak a few sensible words. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


    I hope Vera likes this.
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    Apr 26 2014: Hi Julianna, Are you actually interested in what other people would do, or maybe just want to get an idea of what people find as meaningful or important at whatever stage of life that they are in?

    Your own answer about spending the day with your true love is a beautiful idea and one that you should look forward to. I hope that you will be a great-grandmother by then, sitting on the front porch and holding hands with the love of your life. I hope that you will feel that you made a difference in this world. I hope that you feel that your parents were proud of you and that your children admired you. I hope that you have seen much of this beautiful world and gone on many trips and worn nice clothing and eaten delicious food. And, Julianna, I hope I do too.
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      Apr 28 2014: yes I am interested on what other people say to my question
  • Apr 25 2014: I would only buy a ripe banana.
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    Apr 24 2014: I would probably slap somebody I don't like- maybe some policeman, I'd take walk through my town, give flowers to old ladies, buy ice cream for children in the park, and at the end of the day hug my lover and tell him what he meant to me, and I'll die while watching stars.
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      Apr 24 2014: but if you slapped a policeman you'd get taken to jail and you couldn't do the other things
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        Apr 24 2014: I would do that at the end of the day,probably, just to contribute to the feeling of 'the last day', and die before they catch me.
        http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view/120408/ice-age-2-possums-o.gif - just like this
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          Apr 25 2014: well i hope i'm not the policeman as you look pretty strong in your profile photo?

          But do you dislike policemen, Jelena, why, maybe some day a policeman will save your life?
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        Apr 25 2014: The main problem about misunderstanding on TED conversations is the different conditions we are growing in- If we don't share similar conditions of living, we can't have similar experience, so you can't understand mine attitude.All this stuff is part of different circumstances.

        Also, I said "maybe policeman"-because, I haven't slap anybody ever.

        Maybe they will save my life some day... I don't know... but maybe I'm strong enough to safe my life by my own-as you notice. :)
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    Apr 24 2014: I would have sex on my last day with my lover if I had one and eat takis and have a lot of soda
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    Apr 24 2014: I'd have coffee and a massive breakfast with friends and family, go climbing in the Tetons, eat lunch on a beautiful ledge over looking the view, eat ice cream as a reward, and then have a bunch of cocktails with everyone. If I have to die, I'm having fun on the way out.
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      Apr 24 2014: yeah it's a little like those condemned men in prison who get to choose what they want for their last meal
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    Apr 23 2014: i would spend my last day with my true love if i had one, I would go party :) and then i would hmmm im not sure... :)
  • Apr 23 2014: ı would hug eveyone whom ı loved so much,tell my last words,eat my favourite meal, then spend whole time left with my boyfriend