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A perfect chicken burger or wine & cheese? What’s your take?

Coming to American and French cuisine, both of them are poles apart from each other. When it comes to American food fast, junk, processed is the way, the country is best known for the stuff that’s described by words better suited to greasy, grinding industrial output. But Americans have an impressive appetite for good stuff, too.

On the other hand French cuisine is more elite and sophisticated, contains more of bakery and cream products. Many dishes, such as quiche and crème brûlée, have become part of the national French cuisine. Where beer is the drink that goes down with the American food, wine is something that is always preferred by the French .
When it comes to the preparation time, American dishes are more easy to make and can be prepared in a short span of time compared to the French cuisine which require more patience and time in order to get the perfect dish. According to the cultural stereotype American food is unhealthier and thus Americans tend to be plump and on the other hand French food is considered very healthy and it’s believed that French people are generally skinny. However, this stereotype does not apply to the entire cuisine as a whole.

So readers, What do you prefer? The fast and funky American cuisine or the elegant and elite French cuisine.
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    Apr 21 2014: We've got all kinds in this world. Good food is good for the body; good food is unbeatable, not to be compared to delicious junk.
    What is good food? That would be disputed because love sometimes blinds one's judgement in the face of obviously wrong choices.

    Eat what you like; with time you will have to live with the consequence of that choice. You will live it in your body.
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      Apr 23 2014: .
      Taste let us know healthy food.
      It is ancestors' successful experiences in DNA for our survival.

      Cooking (processing) invalidates it,
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        Apr 23 2014: I know a few things that do not neccesarily taste good but have great nutritional value. Nuts and seeds.
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          Apr 24 2014: Nuts and seeds do taste good when done properly.
          Just like for example potatoes; when raw you may not enjoy the flavor, but cook it and wow what a change in flavor. Plus add some spices and taste buds sign with joy.

          I recommend trying “some dry roasted almonds”, they taste like popcorn with a nutty flavor, or Almonds cooked in an seasoned/spiced oil and the flavor can be almost anything you want.

          Good healthy food that makes you feel good can also be good tasting food; you just need to learn how to fix it for you unique taste. .
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          Apr 25 2014: .
          May I have specific examples?
      • May 1 2014: Some would say that cooking is what made us "human" in the first place, including our ancestors.

        "With our 86 billion neurons and 60 to 70 kilos of body mass, we should have to spend over nine hours per day every single day feeding, which is just not feasible. If we ate like a primate, we should not be here.How did we get here, then? Well, if our brain costs just as much energy as it should, and if we can't spend every waking hour of the day feeding, then the only alternative, really, is to somehow get more energy out of the same foods. And remarkably, that matches exactlywhat our ancestors are believed to have invented one and a half million years ago, when they invented cooking. To cook is to use fireto pre-digest foods outside of your body. Cooked foods are softer, so they're easier to chew and to turn completely into mush in your mouth, so that allows them to be completely digested and absorbed in your gut, which makes them yield much more energy in much less time. So cooking frees time for us to do much more interesting things with our day and with our neurons than just thinking about food,looking for food, and gobbling down food all day long.So because of cooking, what once was a major liability, this large,dangerously expensive brain with a lot of neurons, could now become a major asset, now that we could both afford the energy for a lot of neurons and the time to do interesting things with them. So I think this explains why the human brain grew to become so large so fast in all of evolution all the while remaining just a primate brain."


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