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For those who have attended a TEDx, what did you like and what would you change?

My guess is that while all TEDx events follow the same rules/guidelines there might be some suggestions for improvements or things that some events have done that would be advantageous to include in future events others are hosting.

  • Apr 19 2014: There is too much euphoric positivism, miracles break through. There is vast loneliness, confusion, lack of love and sex, lack of shoulders to cry when you need one. Miracles are fine but they do not happen to every one for lots of reasons. How great a innovation that makes you feel good. However often they are never going to rich to 200 square feet apartment one may be living in; Some people have deck stacked against them so big only miracles can make difference and they are like lottery and do not come to large numbers.

    Most people are living and will have to live in lowered expectations in some ares of life, Some will never experience love or sick or diner at nice restaurant or great vacation.

    Part of the happiness is knowing that this happens to all the people and some things have no solutions,

    Often people expect miracles like people do from flight MH370 that is gone. Some ailment do not have solutions because we cannot afford it.

    And then there is balancing realism in allocating resources where one gains and other loses due to limited nature of it. We need to ask hard questions of life. Not just miracles.
  • Apr 23 2014: For a start the cost is totally ridiculous. Also, no truly controversial subjects are considered.
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    Apr 16 2014: I will start by saying that I would like to have some time (maybe 10-15 minutes) after each talk for group discussion