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Are private universities worth the money for a bachelor's degree?

The average cost of getting a bachelor's degree has steadily grown since the 1980's. With many private universities costing 2-5 times the cost of public universities, are there really benefits for the majority of students? Or are there minimal differences between the two? Can student get as much out of a state university as a private one if they just work at it?


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    Apr 17 2014: The only real advantage to private education is the political connections one makes and that is because so many other already connected families prefer to send their kids to certain private schools. But knowledge is knowledge no matter where you get it. More cost does not equal more understanding.

    The analogy I like to make is private addiction treatment centers. The information, the practices and, especially the knowledge, offered in the expensive spa oriented facilities is identical to that offered at any local community addiction help group. Only the optics and the cost differ, not the results.

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