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Are private universities worth the money for a bachelor's degree?

The average cost of getting a bachelor's degree has steadily grown since the 1980's. With many private universities costing 2-5 times the cost of public universities, are there really benefits for the majority of students? Or are there minimal differences between the two? Can student get as much out of a state university as a private one if they just work at it?


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    Apr 17 2014: In this fast moving world, Universities can't even keep up in technology, or the most important the psychological mindset of teens now, As a college student I can say that teenagers now are more mature and business mindset, entrepreneurs are getting more younger and wiser, and when you asked them how they become the persona they are now, 85% of all the responded answers are experience and Internet with hard work, they don't even talk about their colleges they attended.

    My point private or public doesn't really matter at all, Its your maturity to pursue your goal, graduate or undergrad, In life theirs no shortcut and all goes to the same obstacles. and how to stand out to the crowd. your knowledge and skills should be put in mind and heart, not on a fancy glittered good smelling paper.

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