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What if Education were free?

So ask yourself: what if education were free? Would this be a benefit to civilization or not? In my own opinion, speaking from a naïve but well intentioned heart, I think it would be. Since the whole of civilization relies on education to be civilized, would we not produce better results if anyone and everyone could pursue that which they take interest in for free? Forgetting to mention that modern education as Bertrand Russell says is a political weapon used to advance the socio-economic system already in place. With that being said, I think it only right to say, that we must reform education to be adaptive to the human spirit. Any answer would suffice, as I intend to use that information to further advance my hypothesis.

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    Apr 17 2014: Education IS free. It is only schooling (indoctrination) that costs money. People are born curious. Schooling removes curiosity. Look at the TED videos by Mitra and Richardson.
  • Apr 16 2014: Before GB and Germany had free education, including college. I am not sure now. I believe that this was changed in the 1990's. In Germany, there is a minimal cost at public universities (roughly 100 per semester). Private Universities are expensive.

    Having worked with many who graduated from Universities in GB and Germany, they were professional and quite good.

    I would add both countries have an active apprenticeship programs which allow students to work, learn and later go to college.
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    Apr 16 2014: Generally speaking, yes. But the benefits of education, as with anything, would depend on how you use it. Education can be used for good, but also evil, but the general trend is that educated persons tend to be more socially responsible than uneducated ones.
    Education is just the act or system of teaching. Much of its effects would depend on the content of the education itself. If we are to choose the information that we are to teach, then in my opinion it is a form of brainwashing. In my opinion, not only does education need to be free in a financial sense, but also free in the exploration of ideas. Now that's where the line starts to blur. Not all ideas are good or helpful. So which ideas do we teach and not?
    I believe the first and foremost important thing for anyone to learn is how to think critically. To think not within the confines of the system . To judge for yourself with utmost possible objectivity the information you are being fed. And also the use of the scientific method to test out these ideas, if there is any truth to them.
    Discovery, creativity, and the analytic mind are not and should not be confined to an elite few, but to any and all who would pursue them. Some may get burned and scurry away from the discovery of fire, but the courageous and brilliant one who first thought to put it on a stick is what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.
  • Apr 16 2014: Literacy and Numeracy should be a Universal Human Right (I will pay when I am a trillion-zillionheir) but not any other subject (I'm not a bottomless pit.)
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    Apr 16 2014: Are you meaning college education or education in general such as for children?

    If it becomes free for everyone (in the case of college), do people lose the right to attend when they miss classes, don't study, etc.?