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Google glass: Cool or Creepy?

I'm interested in other's thoughts. Are Google Glass (and other wearable devices) a cool new way to see the world, or are they a creepy invasion of your privacy?

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    Apr 17 2014: There is no accounting for the trivial things we will buy just to be trendy. In an age when the price or the optics - pun intended - of something has more meaning to the consumer than its actual value or usefulness, let us not get too excited about the latest attempt to profit from that shallowness.
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    Apr 16 2014: I have had the chance to use them briefly. They are very easy to use and after a few minutes I didn't notice them too much. I think they will evolve and become more commonplace. They don't do much that is "new" but the hands-free component is nice.

    Could people use them in creepy ways? Sure, but that's not much different than cell phone cameras and video. In big cities things are recorded all the time anyway.
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      Apr 19 2014: David, I agree. Almost everything can be used in a creepy way, if we think seriously. But I'm sure the more innovations we can achieve as a community, the more advantages we can get for our present and future.
  • Apr 22 2014: The perception of Google Glass as an invasion of one's privacy emerges from the person who's continual gaze is OUTWARD........constantly looking for threats....constantly worried about others. Glass, which is a 'wearable,' is capable of CREATING DATA and CONSUMING DATA which, if aggregated and mined BY THE USER, can reflect BACK to the User UNCONSCIOUS patterns and habits of behavior that the user was previously unaware of in his/her daily functions.

    This has not yet been exploited to the benefit of the User because we, as little human creatures, are currently in a stage of development where we are primarily concerned with snapping pictures and documenting things which are outside of our perceived selves. While very cool, this is quite parochial. As eye tracking, facial recognition, and facial dynamics tracking (as is the case with some autism studies) becomes more refined and deployed, Glass capabilities will broaden to the benefit of a growing self-awareness of the individual.

    Regardless, your privacy has already been invaded as documented in recent disclosures in the media. To a large degree, technology has been directed OUTWARD. This is simply a reflection of the quality of consciousness of current developers in technological fields who are primarily concerned, and thus constrained by, money demands. They are not aware that a completely different market is sitting right in front of them. They will eventually see it. Even Ray Kurzweil may eventually see it. But the clock is ticking :-)
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    Apr 19 2014: i have to say that i can't see the point of computer glasses. not until they shoot lasers, anyway.

    i think a lot of these ICT companies are just making gimmicks that end up as toxic waste.

    there's a consumer born every minute..
    • Apr 20 2014: Your absolutely right as always Scott, this is the new disposable economy we created, the "Walmart syndrome". Products are made to fail right after the warranty is up and some before. That creates a need for more products. In a way it is the same analogy some animals use when they kill the prior young of a new mate so she will have the incentive to produce "more" young.
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        Apr 20 2014: i really cannot believe how often phones are "upgraded" and operating systems are changed.

        while everyone keeps going on about how amazing digitech is, i believe that in the near future your computer will spend 9 hours of every day updating and then you'll have to sit through 3 hours of advertising just to watch a 5 minute video on youtube. all on ultrafast broadband..
        • Apr 21 2014: Scott, how would you like to meet Big Brother in person? 1) Close all programs running on your computer then right click the task bar and start Task Manager then click the Applications Tab. If there is anything still running, right click them and then End Task. When there is nothing in this window click the Performance Tab. There integrated within your system and everybody else's is Big Brother (Written by Microsoft in collusion with the government, part of the "Let Microsoft continue to be a monopoly deal brokered by Gates a few years back when they were in trouble") My computer has 4Gigs of memory, Big Brother takes over a gig of that before I run anything! What does it do with 25% of my computer, the answer is anything it wants to do. Besides recording every keystroke, it can record bought audio and video at will, it can scan files and once it see the lights are out and hears you snoring, it can transfer any information it wants over the internet. If the lights come on it can simple stop and wait until they go off again. And that is not all, many other companies want some of that information also and you will notice that many applications that used to be small are now huge like Virus Detection, Adobe, Spyware detection, Search engines all want a piece of the pie and all search your computer on a regular basis. Cookies are the obvious place but now they hide in system files under cover and protection of the operating system. But, I don't have a microphone or webcam? They are built right into laptops and most displays today.
          2) If you have Chrome they have a collusion graph which show some of the corporations that are collecting information from you. Google usually tops the list.

          Sleep well Scott, knowing that you and everyone else is indeed being watched at all times, even when we travel our mobile devices let BB know where you went, how long you stayed there and what you did. This is a bonanza for the cops who can watch everything going on in the city.
  • Apr 18 2014: Definitely Cool and a step in the right direction. Next step is to arm them with a laser that will "take out" bullies and people who make fun of them.
    Seriously the lasers are coming and they will be used to scan for face recognition or iris scan for identification however with a little "tweaking" on the laser software and you can give the person in front of you a free lobotomy, a tattoo or just burn off a mole. Now that will be cool.
    However what I am working on is the drone scouts.. THE WHAT? You heard me, the drone scouts, a small solar powered drone that will hover above you where ever you go like a bodyguard. It will identify any danger for miles around you and send the information and video to your Google glasses, and of course be armed.
  • Apr 16 2014: Definitely both.