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What is love?

I have experienced happiness and sadness... but I haven't really found love and known what it is. What do you feel when you are in love? Is it like being on a cloud and then jumping off and flying? how many people have really known what is love?

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    Apr 27 2014: Julianna, This question can be answered in so many many ways. And even your answers will change over your lifetime. But here was my experience:

    My first love was all consuming and I needed to feel that it was perfect every minute of every day, until the day that is wasn't anymore. And I hurt, and I cried, and I thought that I would never meet anyone like him again, until that day that it wasn't anymore. Any then I was happy and I thought I learned from my first mistake and I was going to do everything right this time, until it wasn't anymore. And then I got married and thought that it was perfect and was forever and that he promised, until he didn't anymore. And then I was lonely and down and alone, until I wasn't anymore. And then I met my husband, who said he would love to make me happy for the rest of my life, that he would never let me down, that he would always be there to comfort me, and he took the time to know me, and I took the time to know him and we were both patient, and kind from learning what not to do, and we did'n feel that we needed to be together, but that we wanted to be together, and finally, he told me that he would never want to ever see me hurting and in pain, and I wasn't anymore.
    • May 19 2014: That was beautiful Amy, so practical and honest.
  • Apr 26 2014: I think love is like death or birth in many ways, indescribable until you experience it. Love is a new emotional state that can only be experienced and everyone's experience is different. The one thing that is pretty common when describing love is it feels good all over.
  • Apr 26 2014: Love is wanting to be close. In-love (dopamine), orgasm and fulfillment are nature's way to get us to reproduce.
  • Apr 26 2014: Here is my definition:

    Love is an intense or significant emotional bond. It is most commonly between two people, but can be between a person and an animal, object, or even a philosophy. The strength of the bond between to people and animals can be increased by emotional feedback and response. The bond can be strengthened with time if the relationship is nurtured with shared life experiences, togetherness, the giving and receiving of physical and emotional care and support, and physical intimacy. The strength of the bond can grow between two people until the love is unconditional and both feel an emotional dependency that seems necessary for a continued enjoyment of life. When bonds of this strength are broken, there is emotional trauma, pain, feelings of loss, confusion and grief. Time generally repairs this emotional damage, but the ability to repair the damage and the amount of time it takes to repair it is a function of the strength of the bond. Nature has provided us the strength to continue with life when these bonds are broken.

    While each love bond we create enriches our enjoyment of life, it carries the risk of emotional damage when the bond is broken. However, taking this risk is part of living a full life.

    Here is a good discussion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love

    Here are some good quotes by authors on the subject: http://www.1-love-quotes.com/love_quotes_top_100.htm
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    May 19 2014: LOVE? People who have loved and have been loved just know it, Julianna. If you "haven't really found love" yet, try adopting a puppy or kitten. You'll be surprised.

    WHAT IS LOVE? by S.E.Thompson

    Love starts out small-
    Too small to be noticed,
    But in the end it conquers all.

    What begins as a hug between friends
    Can grow and grow
    Until it's something beautiful
    that never ends.

    Love is never sure,
    But it trusts,
    With a faith that is sweet and pure.

    Along the way, it may stumble,
    But no matter how hard the fall,
    Its trust never crumbles.

    Love is a flower- a sweet, red rose-
    Yet it's thorns hold power;
    More than anyone knows.

    Nothing hurts more than love unreturned
    And nothing's more dangerous
    Than a lover spurned.

    Love is so tender and sweet
    That some may wish to destroy it,
    Through lies and deceit.

    Envy is caused by a love that is true,
    But no matter how jealous they are,
    Your love is something to hold onto.

    Love endures through all
    Because it is willing to rise up
    Once again after a fall.

    Through the pain & sorrow of the night,
    It waits patiently for the joy
    That comes with morning's first light.

    Love is a treasure above anything else,
    Much more precious than silver,
    And much bigger than self.

    So if love has been found by you,
    Hold tightly to it,
    Never give up, and always be true.

    Love is worth risking any pain
    That heartbreak may cause
    Because of what you stand to gain.

    And where ever you have been led,
    Love was worth it,
    As a great person once said:

    "I hold it true, whate'er befall...
    'Tis better to have loved and lost
    Than never to have loved at all."

  • May 19 2014: Love is not to be found. Only find and remove that which covers love within you. Love is only veiled. Never lost. Desire is most often mistaken for Love.
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    Apr 30 2014: Love is passion, respect and sharing views on the world.
  • Apr 28 2014: There is no more important part or aspect of live than love. That is also expressed with 'we are what we love.'

    The essence of a personal, loving, relationship is loving others than oneself, wishing to be one with them and devoting oneself to their happiness.

    Every single move we make is caused by some love. Love of self, love of survival, love of the world, well the love of anything.

    You may be interested, or even love this book about LOVE :)

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    Apr 26 2014: I believe love is not universal, everyone experiences it in a different way. For me, love is being able to do almost everything for someone, even though you don't want to do it. But it also is thinking about this person 24/7 and feeling butterflies and always wanting to talk about them...
    I think you will recognize it as it comes.