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Does the TED Cred model perpetuate a breakdown in dialogue?

Perhaps I am wrong in my understanding, but the current model for assigning credits seems to value starting interesting conversations more than it does offering insightful contributions to conversations already in play.

In trying to understand the role TED can play in working toward solutions, this model seems to value each of us throwing out a constant stream of new ideas of our own rather than actually listening to and learning from the interaction of other people's ideas?

Doesn't modern society already have too many people talking and not enough people listening?


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    May 17 2011: What we have is too many people trying to "sell something" rather than "solve something". I like posting and reading ideas and solutions that anyone could implement in their lives without a PhD or 5 million dollars.
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      May 17 2011: Hi Brandt..metting you for the first time..glad to have you here. I agree with you that the most valuable comments here at TED teach e something valuable that I can use in my life or try to develop in my life. Annd thank goodness we have lots o that here at Ted Conversations. . I see lots of people here who think it can be used to get financial backing for a project and I see lots of people here devloping ideas just as e-salon conversation with no personal commitment on follow through. it truly is a mixed bag and I thik that is just fine for now. It will define itself and I have seen it evolve in just the fe weeks i have been here to something that is more a reflection of the Ted value, the Ted approach..

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