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What major problems, challenges, issues (social, environment, services) are there for entrepreneurs, intrapreneus, innovators to tackle?

List the problems/challenges and rank them in term of their importance ascending.

  • Apr 18 2014: 1. Nutritious diet- I think plant based
    2. "If you break it, you fix it"- No liability and immunity is not sustainable.
    3. Education and Health should be a right not a privilege for all.
    4. Bigger is not better- their should be limits
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    Apr 17 2014: First is the root cause of all of our problems - the anti-social, anti-life, and unsustainable fiscal paradigm that most cling to. The problems are symptoms. Compare our culture with that of the Iroquois. They had the longest standing republican form of government (democracy by consensus) in the entirety of all of human history. They had no prisons, jailers, police, NSA, welfare states, religion, inequality, poverty, mental illness, aquifer destruction, erosion of topsoil that is actually increasing global warming, lawyers, or politicians. Their elected representatives were TRUE public servants. They could only do what the people - by unanimous consensus - allowed them to do.
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    Apr 17 2014: well, I hope with time I can interest people in my diet, for the last five years I have been living almost entirely on skim milk and cream (both from cows). It has been great for my health, it is great for weight loss and it is also an inexpensive diet.

    I actually got the idea from the Maasai tribe of Kenya, who live only on milk and beef from their cattle. I emphasize the milk part of the diet, but I think the fuller Maasai diet, milk and beef, is also good.
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    Apr 16 2014: I watched David Brooks talk "Should you live for your resume... or your eulogy?" Perhaps the major problem that capitalists have is the disconnect between working for their maximum profit, power and prestige and working to provide excellent goods or services while looking after their work force, environment and paying taxes.