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Airship for goods transportation at 0 emission and $0

Imagine a world where a Coffee farmer from India could mail you at almost $0 cost his package. Imagine a world where transportation will be so cheap at 0 emissions that anybody could have a chance to prosperity and success. Imagine a place where a boy from Africa could order fresh water for free and have it delivered at almost 0 cost.

Zeppelin has a great concept but it failed because a few weak points. I believe technology is at a point we can take advantage of our knowledge and improve this

I am proposing creating a delivery company creating improved zeppelins using tank modules made of lightweight material such as fiberglass coated with graphene to prevent gas leakage, filled with helium.

The zeppelin should be powered by solar cells with batteries and a GPS / microprocessor to control the navigation.

If you can help change the world join in and help me removing walls and barriers and create opportunities by eliminating the monopoly created by few corporations when comes to goods distribution.

  • May 11 2014: Solar powered airships are certainly a fun idea. Their maximum speeds and altitudes leave them vulnerable to weather and more timely competition. Maintenance development costs would not be insignificant. On the other hand there may be other economic niches where they might serve well.
  • May 4 2014: I am talking about 0 emission and 0 operation cost. Obviously anything in this world cost money including free stuff, to build or destroy and most things including animals produce emissions.

    I really recommend doing a little bit of reading when comes to Zeppelins. The technology was working and for example M class airships had a useful load of 9,100 kilograms (20,100 lb)

    If we go ahead right now at the store and buy a tank of helium will cost us $150 and give us 250 cubic ft of helium. That has enough amount to lift about 10 pound. We have over 9 pounds to work with when comes to frame and solar cell and a motor to be able to send 1 pound package.
  • May 4 2014: Airships are not zero emission. They are not zero cost.
  • May 4 2014: What is the volume of helium required to lift one tonne? How much does helium cost? What is the weight of a jumbo-jet's maximum cargo payload? How fast can an airship travel? Does speed decrease with size increase (not weight increase)?
  • Apr 16 2014: I wonder why nobody has anything to say, good or bad. 70% of the energy is used for transportation and a big portion of it is used for goods transport. Manufacture to warehouse, warehouse to shipping yards, shipping yards to ports; ports to distributors; distributors to stores; stores to consumers...