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Helping our senior citizens by offering them ideal job

As we all know the elderly have infinite knowledge,but there bodies won't allow them to socially active as before. Also they have the time and wisdom to talk with people, by talking they get out of loneliness and struggle.
On the other hand, practicing speaking is the best way to learn a language. Now as you might imagine,how wonderful it is if we get the elderly in need to talk with language learners.
Here in China, English learners pay quite big money for the opportunity to talk with native English speaker online,just because they want a more efficient way of learning English.
What if we create such a platform,where elderly in UK ,US and Australia,etc, can teach Chinese English via Skype by simply talking. Chinese will be willing to pay a lot of money,that as a result,elderly earn money for their own healthcare and daily grocery,even more than that.
It helps Chinese learn English faster, alleviates government and children the burden of supporting aging parents,etc.
Share your thoughts,let's see if it is possible.

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    May 24 2014: Mr. Yeh, your proposal will promote better communication and understanding between the East and West. It looks like a win-win situation, as Mr. Levine has mentioned. Excellent idea!
    • May 25 2014: Thanks, Rodrigo. If it is an excellent idea,then it is a pity this proposal has got little attention from TED community. Since I am a Chinese,I just want to hear a response in the West,to make it possible. How do you think is a better method to have it heard by a larger number of people?
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    Apr 30 2014: Seems like a win-win situation. I'm guessing not just the elderly would sign up though!
    • Apr 30 2014: Thanks for your reply,I waited so long to see the first reply. I hope more people could join in,to see if it is possible.