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There are only two paths in life, one path is to live by your Natural self and other one which leads to thousands different sub paths

Human life on earth has only ONE Naturalis path to live on, her/his own, not the world's. The problem does not lie in understanding what I just told you above, but lies in the fact of knowing that path, being your Naturalis true real self biologically and then living as your Naturalis true self. To make that task even more difficult, let me share another hurdle that we face to achieve our Naturalis self: from the moment we are created in the womb of our mother, we 'feel' what our parents wants us to be. Father's expectation of the child is transmitted to mother and thus to us. In spite of being just a vulnerable fetus, totally dependent on our mother for survival, our character is being formed due to the thoughts, feelings and expectations of our mother and father.

  • May 25 2014: I wrote a book consisting of 776 pages, addressing just that issue... I do not think that Ted will like me to post 776 pages here...
  • May 24 2014: I am going to rephrase what I think you mean. Let me know if I am on the right track. You are saying our evolutionary history that is stored in our DNA is the Naturalis path and that there is a way to access it. If more people in the world were able to do this, then there would be less chaos and conflict in the world. So my next question is how do you perceive the Naturalis path being different from one's spirituality and how does accessing our DNA history make us a better person? Sorry if I sound naïve, but I really am trying to understand the concept.
  • May 21 2014: there exists only one naturalis path in life while there exists infinite UnNaturalis paths, so is it any wonder why the human race appears so confused?
  • May 21 2014: Yea, like NJ Path last time I try to go go to Newwark it took me longer to get from Brooklyn to Newark than from Newark to Charlotte.
  • May 21 2014: The society laws reasons are the creation of human race, I am mentioning Natural forces which created the human race in the first place over billions of years, your DNA has all that record, if you know how to acess it. I do.
  • May 21 2014: When you say your Natural self path, then are you inferring that there would be no outside influences to conflict you or are you saying that being your natural self means that you could choose to do whatever you wanted regardless of society, laws, reason etc.?