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Do you think that peace is the time without war?

Let's explain our answers and argument with this fact that has been discussed in different issues

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    Apr 24 2014: I never experienced war. Maybe good question to ask elders.
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      Apr 28 2014: Michael,

      You don't have to ask anyone, simply look at the far reaching pain and suffering it causes. How would the ones that Love you feel should you be killed or maimed in a war? Does the word devastated come to mind.
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        Apr 28 2014: Larry,
        Your opinion that I don't have to ask anyone means nothing to me.
        If you were involved in war, and you write from experience, and you told how you considered the reactions of your loved ones if you happened to die, then your words would mean something to me.
        If you were not involved in war, then your words mean nothing to me.
        Definitions of war and peace change with passing time. An elder may have knowledge of war and peace, along with wisdom to communicate that knowledge to a younger person.

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