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Do you think that peace is the time without war?

Let's explain our answers and argument with this fact that has been discussed in different issues

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    Apr 15 2014: I think that peace is state of spirit, and there's very small part in relation with war. Some little aspect covers this field (war)-if we're not warifare, there is peace, but, I can't agree that where it's not war, there's necessary have to be peace. There is a lot of social and personal questions that ruins that "peace balance".
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      Apr 24 2014: "There is a lot of social and personal questions that ruins that "peace balance"."
      What social and personal questions uphold "peace balance"?
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        Apr 24 2014: Social inequality and aspirations of individuals and discrepancy between them.
  • Apr 28 2014: People get bored. Males get more bored than females. The young get more bored than the old. "War is the ultimate adventure."
  • Apr 15 2014: Peace is an individual perspective, for instance if I am making products used in war then war time is when I thrive because of the high demand for my product.
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      Apr 17 2014: although maybe the manufacturers are hoping that the good guys will win the war and peace will return?
      • Apr 17 2014: Manufacturers are hoping that wars will go on forever, they prefer the location to be in another country so it does not interrupt their business. The good guys to them are the ones bringing them money and they do not care which side they are on. By the way, there is "no" good side. Many companies in America did a lot of business with Hitler. Banks almost always fund both sides of a war as they continue to today. Stock markets fund both sides of conflicts and a lot of that is pension funds which means our own retirement funds are used to promote war and of course PROFIT from it. We would like to believe "we" are not involved but the fact is "we" are all involved up to our teeth.
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          Apr 17 2014: what's your source, Keith, have you actually known any manufacturers, or are you just logically reasoning about it?

          I would think a manufacturer could have empathy, not want to see mothers' sons killed.

          I could think that American arms manufacturers could have felt good about arming American soldiers during WWII and yet still wished for an end to the war with victory over Germany.
      • Apr 17 2014: Greg I started to list them but re-wrote my comment without specific references on purpose. If you really want to know just do a little searching, the evidence is in plain sight. Go to Google and type "What American Corporations helped Hitler?"
        Money is just another intoxicant.
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    Apr 28 2014: "Do you think that peace is the time without war?" Yes and no, is that clear? Well then seems dependent on how peace and war be defined. If I were to define Peace as a state of Tranquility and Freedom from disturbance it would have a certain meaning. If I were to take the definition given deeply inward I would understand something of myself, I would see the conflicting nature of war and Peace at it's source. It is essential that I understand my conflicting mind. Einstein said there are two ways to perceive the Universe, Friendly or hostile. Therein lies my only choice and I can ask some questions such as what do I believe in, what do I value, what do I want for. A very important decision is to be made that will formulate who " I am", a person who reflects a sincere smile at other human beings on the surface level or a person reflecting madness with a desire to destroy? By Grace we come to know the difference! Best regards
  • Apr 28 2014: Peace is the "where" without war. Seems war has been going on somewhere since life began. War seems to happen where food and water are in short supply. I believe on a world scale we have the knowledge necessary to curtail starvation and suffering so as to end the need for war. I suspect it will take much longer to eliminate the culture and tradition of war.
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    Apr 24 2014: I never experienced war. Maybe good question to ask elders.
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      Apr 28 2014: Michael,

      You don't have to ask anyone, simply look at the far reaching pain and suffering it causes. How would the ones that Love you feel should you be killed or maimed in a war? Does the word devastated come to mind.
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        Apr 28 2014: Larry,
        Your opinion that I don't have to ask anyone means nothing to me.
        If you were involved in war, and you write from experience, and you told how you considered the reactions of your loved ones if you happened to die, then your words would mean something to me.
        If you were not involved in war, then your words mean nothing to me.
        Definitions of war and peace change with passing time. An elder may have knowledge of war and peace, along with wisdom to communicate that knowledge to a younger person.
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    Apr 23 2014: I like the question and have thought about it and struggle with the definition of the respective terms: War and peace as Jelena has pointed out in her comment as well.

    If peace is an inner state of mind it can be felt or experienced in the wildest moments of mad warfare "X-Mas at the battle of Ypern" (I. World War) on the other side remains war and there are many kind of modern wars such as the War for Talent, War against Drugs, War against Terror...

    The quote from 1984 comes to mind where one of the three pillars of society was: War is peace. Looking back communities always needed a kind of enemy to battle to ensure internal harmony. I think the latest War against Terror is a good example. After the cold war we needed a new enemy to fight but lacked adversaries: China or Russia were politically incorrect. What was left... an unknown, invisible force trying to destroy our home everywhere... Terror.

    In this way we will never face an end to this war but just some less troubled times... In this context I'd rather not say the absence of war is peace as this will supposedly never happen.

    Yet I am hoping to be wrong.
  • Apr 17 2014: Most people think that peace is war help in abeyance (balance of tensions). That's not peace. Yes, I believe that peace is sustainable, but not until we end the fiscal paradigm that will collapse as soon as any major nation declares peace.
  • Apr 17 2014: Peace is an Illusion which will never be achieved in the world . Wars will never end because there will always be struggle for power .
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    Apr 17 2014: a lot of peace is just when it's physically quiet, there's no annoying physical noise intruding into your brain