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Do you think that peace is the time without war?

Let's explain our answers and argument with this fact that has been discussed in different issues

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  • Apr 15 2014: Peace is an individual perspective, for instance if I am making products used in war then war time is when I thrive because of the high demand for my product.
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      Apr 17 2014: although maybe the manufacturers are hoping that the good guys will win the war and peace will return?
      • Apr 17 2014: Manufacturers are hoping that wars will go on forever, they prefer the location to be in another country so it does not interrupt their business. The good guys to them are the ones bringing them money and they do not care which side they are on. By the way, there is "no" good side. Many companies in America did a lot of business with Hitler. Banks almost always fund both sides of a war as they continue to today. Stock markets fund both sides of conflicts and a lot of that is pension funds which means our own retirement funds are used to promote war and of course PROFIT from it. We would like to believe "we" are not involved but the fact is "we" are all involved up to our teeth.
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          Apr 17 2014: what's your source, Keith, have you actually known any manufacturers, or are you just logically reasoning about it?

          I would think a manufacturer could have empathy, not want to see mothers' sons killed.

          I could think that American arms manufacturers could have felt good about arming American soldiers during WWII and yet still wished for an end to the war with victory over Germany.
      • Apr 17 2014: Greg I started to list them but re-wrote my comment without specific references on purpose. If you really want to know just do a little searching, the evidence is in plain sight. Go to Google and type "What American Corporations helped Hitler?"
        Money is just another intoxicant.

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