Sebastian Villegas

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Do you agree with the fact of "peace is the time without war"?

Let's explain our answers and argument with this fact that has been discussed in different issues.

  • Apr 15 2014: War is just another event in your life. Peace is a condition that can occur at any time. For instance even in the middle of a war if one side stops aggression even if just for a few moments, the condition of peace may exist for a time. So it is possible to find peace deep in the center of war much like the center of a hurricane is calm and peaceful. In Hawaii I was in Hurricane Ewa and I (not being to bright) thought it was over so I drove my truck around looking for any victims I could help. It looked like a beautiful sunny day in paradise except telephone poles, electric wires and other material were all over the road. I did not find anyone in need of help so I drove back home to my family just in time for the back end of the hurricane to hit. I then realized I had been driving around in the eye of a hundred mile wide hurricane.
  • Apr 15 2014: Can you find a time where there was no conflict in the world? or are you talking about only from the view of a specific country?