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Trying to find talk: woman tells about her child's food allergy lead her to discover info about chemicals, GMO, contamination in USA food.

I've searched 48 pages of talks and used various keywords and can not find. She tells how other countries would not allow certain things in their foods but USA does. Help!

  • Apr 24 2014: Hi I was just searching for her talk too. No luck on the TED website, but I did a google search and found her! Robyn O'Brien. I'm pretty sure it's what you're looking for, the video is up on YouTube. Hope that helps!
    • Apr 25 2014: That is it, Amanda. Thank you so much. Now, is there a way to close this conversation? ... hmmmm.
  • Apr 20 2014: Yup, that's what I wanted... propaganda. Seriously, I did not ask for anything more than a link, if someone knew it. That still stands.
  • Apr 20 2014: Maybe it was deleted. It was some conversation and the lady had a link to a web site where she gathered all kinds of anti-GMO propaganda. In any event, if you're interested because you or some relative or somebody else has an allergy, then allergies are a real possibility, not just to GMOs, but to a wide variety of stuff. So see a doctor to determine what you or relative or whomever, might be allergic to.

    If interested because you want some propaganda, then that's easy to find in the web. I would be careful though, because anti-GMO propaganda is completely irrational.
  • Apr 17 2014: I am not favorably disposed to these kind of things. When I was growing up we went and picked the berries in the outback and it straight. There were snakes,lizards, untold kid f insects. In our house there were mouse, fire ants, ants, little lizard and ticks used to make nest in the house behind picture frame. We have had snakes pass through our house and centipedes were found all the time. In the monsoon when rain come we used to go and swim in the water where cows and all kind of animals , birds, insects, monkeys , vultures lived.

    To tell the truth most of the world lived like that couple of hundreds years ago where there was neither light or running water or flush toiled and sanitation. We made through two million years of evolution.

    Now my son will not drink tape water and it cost s fortune and washes things with expensive detergent which he over uses.

    It is freaky.
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    • Apr 16 2014: No, but thank you. This one is very good, one I saw had just one woman, she talked about her child having a food allergy, how much food allergies had increased in recent decades, how this made her research further, how the food we eat is so loaded with chemicals that are not good for us - not allowed in other countries, how those contaminated foods are not required to be listed on labels, but how organic foods must go thru' many "hoops" - thus causing increase in their cost to us - in order to be labeled as organic and or healthy. Thank you, tho', for showing me this one.