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Quality of Life, or the lack of it, depends on what we perceive as valuable.

Because quality of life is rare, we have to ask what value is. Because it seems that most of what's considered valuable is useless and much of what's considered useless is very valuable.


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  • May 8 2014: I think you are looking at it from a circular argument. The quality of life truly depends upon your values and not someone else values. So if you look at my life and say the quality of my life is bad, that would be based upon your values not mine. Only the person can say whether his quality of life was good or bad. It also depends upon the time of life of the person, values can change over time.
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      May 13 2014: Great point! As I commented above, perceptions vary among individuals. There is no universal, perfect definition of QOL, because my needs and desires are not, and can never be, the same as yours. Based on each individual's unique past (the interplay of biology/genetics and environment), their perception of QOL will vary. It is not a matter of free will or choice, but rather of the differences among people.
      • May 13 2014: Dear Bieckelman, thanks for the reply.
        QOL is a subjective assessment by excellence; those records may enter expectations and ideals of each. Thus, we can observe a Wall Street tycoon who would give up everything I have to be at peace with your kids fishing without thoughts that torment and a sick lady who longs to have been born in England, for example, a country with first-world which has an exemplary service Health ...
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      May 20 2014: Hi Wayne - I agree with what you're saying, though I think you have confounded two concepts of quality of life.

      "Quality of life" as a general concept is kinda like an SAT score or your IQ number: It's a bunch of more or less objective facts about you that sums up a bunch of things about you along many different dimensions.

      In your comment, you used the phrase "So if you look at my life and say the quality of my life is bad...". Here is where I think you are confounding multiple concepts of quality of life. The quality of *your* life is a very subjective matter as you rightly say. This is different from the "Quality of life" technique used to asses an individual or population sample.
      • May 23 2014: I guess in my mind there is only one measure for the quality of life and that is the subjective view of the individual living that life. The articles that evaluate the quality of live within a country are using in my mind the values of the articles and have little or no relationship to the actual quality life of the society.

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