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Quality of Life, or the lack of it, depends on what we perceive as valuable.

Because quality of life is rare, we have to ask what value is. Because it seems that most of what's considered valuable is useless and much of what's considered useless is very valuable.


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    May 11 2014: It all comes down to understanding the difference between 'needs' and 'desires'. Quality of life is more of a perspective phenomenon and it should be determined by what means we fulfill our basic human needs like shelter, food, clothing, education etc.
    The other point which I think is important to address here is that over the years our minds have been tuned by media, telling us what is important, what should we have and what should we don't. So this could also be one of the reasons for our failure to understand that what actually is valuable and what matters more. We tend to mimic the choices and even philosophies of those who we consider are better than us. This is how desires are created.
    So I think if you are fulfilling your needs with sufficient means you should be content enough with your quality of life.
    • May 11 2014: Hi Maria

      Interesting and valid thoughts...but it seems to me that most people shy away from defining important concepts...that's very bad for human kind because it leaves us in the dark...
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        May 12 2014: "shy away from defining important concepts".... I believe there are many things which cannot be completely comprehended by human mind and this is where nature plays its role. If we were able to define every concept and construct theories and methodologies for everything-then there won't be anything left for humans, except to mechanically follow those theories and methodologies. So, few things should be left in dark :)
        • May 12 2014: This sounds like an excuse...but it's not convincing. There will always be plenty left for us humans to do.
          Important concepts such as truth, justice, education, democracy, and many more cannot be left open to interpretation by any potential usurper of power out there.

          They are too important to be left undefined. Any pseudo-politician can claim he's for democracy and justice...and all their auience are getting is words that soeund promising.

          Try studying the Republic of Socrates and Dialectics. Practice makes perfect...there a working methodology to approach defining a concept...and it's well worth the effort...
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        May 13 2014: I totally agree with you ....but I wasn't referring to macro-level concepts like democracy, education or justice. I was talking about the concepts which concern an individual and are totally measured through his perception like satisfaction or value etc.

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