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Is there a way for life to go on when everything that we know and use ceases to exist?

The existence of knowledge and tools to expand and maintain it has in history stopped and restarted again. Native Americans are a perfect example of this and there were a small amount of them that were keepers of that knowledge and technology. They did it by writing all the data on the rocks and such. Then they selected a few of their best and most trusted to teach how to read it. This is well known among the Traditional Natives and not known by any outsiders. The writings a equations of data. that were kept for tens of thousands of years because this has happened before.
This is why I am asking the question about if it lost what is the long term solution to retrieve it in the future when things get better. Is the world prepared for this to happen? And if so, how? and if not, why?

  • Apr 27 2014: People get bored. Writing it all down would keep somebody occupied for a bit. Do you want me to do it?