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Changing the salary of the House of Rep. and Senate to an hourly wage, and reducing the President to a smaller salary.

Having the House of Representatives and the Senate to an hourly wage of $16/ hr. Reducing the salary the president to $20/ hr. saves the Gov. around 75 million a year. This also brings out the people who are wanting to commit to the offices for the right reasons instead of money.

  • Apr 18 2014: The problem isn't what their salary is, its the conflicts of interest that are inherent in campaign finance, the use of "inside information", and the common act of corporations or lobby groups hiring spouses of congessmen at ridiculous salary (which is not considered a bribe).

    "And like everyone else, members of Congress are subject to current insider trading laws. However, current insider trading laws do not apply to nonpublic information about current or upcoming congressional activity -- that's because members of Congress aren't technically obligated to keep that information confidential.Congressmen can get away with "the type of insider trading that would send Martha Stewart to prison," Holman said. "They go into hearings and confidential meetings with business interests, understanding new legislation is going to come out next week," and are free to trade on that information."

    "We find that one really effective way for a corporation to do influence peddling without actually bribing a member of Congress is hire the spouse," Holman said. "They'll hire these spouses at exorbitant salaries, and that money really goes directly into the pocket of the member."
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    Apr 18 2014: The reason to go into politics is not about the base salary. The $170,000 a year is chicken feed. Power, influence, ego, perks, and the available corruption afford the member to make millions a year ... not counting relatives on the payrolls of rich contributors ... lobbist donations .... and the list goes on.

    Politicians serve two terms and get full retirement. The vote themselves raises and adjust the rules to their advantage.

    The prioblem is not salary ... the problem is they have legislated themselves into the elite ... the US Royality who are not held accountable and can buy themselves a ticket to power.

    Is it all their fault .. no. It is a big combination of uninformed voters ... corrupt politicians ... and the ability to write their own laws and perks ...

    IF ... we returned to a Constitutional government ..... IF .. we reduced the size of government ... If .. we balanced the budget ... IF .. we returned the power to the states ... then part of the problem would go away. Congress would only have four areas to discuss and then could go home for about nine months of the year .. thus reducing their salary by three forths and their ineptness to four areas.

    So lets start there and take much of the corruption out of government ... power out of lobbies ... power out of unions ... and return power to the states and the people.

    Just my thoughts .... Be well. Bob.
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    Apr 18 2014: The best way to make employees productive is to pay them well. This is true in both public and private sectors. The best way to produce inept and corrupt public officials and servants is to undercompensate them.

    Is it any wonder why our best minds work for the private sector or become entrepreneurs?
    • Apr 23 2014: Rodrigo, Gosh, I disagree.

      We tried that with Teachers. Complete failure.
      But their supervisors sure love their pensions, awards, and retirement.

      However, Nurses seem undervalued. And nurses aides even more so.
      The VA Hospital and Clinic system takes it one step further. Nurse Practitioners..

      American Corporate CEO's drifted into government 50+ years ago when it seemed
      experienced businessmen would make great administrators, so they were solicited
      to spend time working on regulating policy in Washington DC. I never heard a
      negative word about that selection process. The argument being, if they were a
      great success in business, surely they would be in government also. NOT SO.

      Goldman Sachs is probably the best example of multiple ex-CEO failures in governments,
      They were always found in and around various nation's treasuries, world-wide. Not to be
      forgotten are the FED chairs, and board members, Corporate or Harvard type Presidents,
      or anyone they graduated who can pass the bar, and race the fastest to Washington DC.
      CAUSE THAT'S WHERE THE MONEY IS. (John Dillinger?)

      No matter how much you pay them. Nobody ever makes enough.

      I was an entrepreneur 21 times. That movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" was like my life.
      But, without all those drugs. Drugs did not make that movie great. It made it sour.
      As old as I am. Old as dirt. I still want to go "one more time". But no drugs or politics.
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        Apr 23 2014: I suspected my comment will elicit some response like yours, Frank. I don't disagree.
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    Apr 18 2014: Politicians should be payed based on merit.
    The moment they enter office they need to provide their action plan. Based on what they accomplish, they get paid or not.
    Since most politicians don't accomplish a lot, it would safe a lot of tax money.
  • Apr 23 2014: To Thomas Taylor, with but 2 days left, I want to thank you.

    I believe Poor People Make Better Law.
    And, we have a lot more Poor People than Washington DC politicians.
    History shows that after 237 years the Wealthy haven't accomplished much good.
    (other than getting Wealthier.) Time to clean house? YEP

    This idea isn't all bad. Parity in Pay. Reductions of Obscene Salaries
    These ideas might keep some of the Greedy "take a bribe" people out of Washington DC.

    Allowing Congress to fix it's own wage scale is plain crazy.
    The Voters should be asked what they think about a Fox in the Henhouse.

    Lobby's who bribe need more punishment than a mere prison sentence.
    The Washington revolving door, Lobbyist to Elected Official to Lobbyist should
    be a Capital offense. Ooops, Did I just make a PUN???

    Drop in hole -- Cover hole -- Have a party.
  • Apr 23 2014: Rodrigo, Your one of a kind. That's a kind one. Thanks.
  • Apr 23 2014: If we only paid them a penny per hour, we would still have to borrow the money to do so.

    75 years watching corrupt politicians and their staff members steal and take bribes.
    Townships - Cities - Counties - Parishes - States, Commonwealths - and United States
    Congresses, Administrators, and Judges.

    Our corrupt politicians call the other nation's corrupt politicians bad names, and then they
    lie to us about why our children and the other nation's children need to be slaughtered,
    and maimed for life. Our corrupt politicians are murdering us. One War at a time.
    Apathy is costing citizens of other nation's death from drone attacks and collateral damages.
    Such terrible deaths are authorized by President Obama and his staff members daily,
    while they preen and brag about how safe we are.
    Have any of you watched the Hollywood movie "Ants". Pretty much sums it up.

    Apathy has and is costing us all, our religious beliefs, our moral standards, and our family life.
  • Apr 18 2014: That def doesnt exist today. I wouldnt worry about salary as much id worry about power in itself. People that are true leaders give the power back to the people alot of politicians have no understanding of that.
  • Apr 17 2014: Naa not a good idea u might get more people liable to steal money considering its easy for officials to be around it. They do it allready and people can be bought. I wouldnt suggest it
    • Apr 18 2014: Very true. Things are much different than what they used to be when our founding fathers had control. Ben Franklin didn't even think that politicians should be paid. He thought it was our civil duty to try to improve our nation and set an example for the world to guide from.