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Transpose Pr. MITRA's SOLE initiative into dynamic adults & professionals learning communities

Pr Sugata Mitra's shows how children can learn by themsleves...

What about adults ? Professionals ?

How could we translate the SOLE * methodology, well suited for children ?

What is important ?

Where is the challenge ? Where are the key issues to succeed ?

What could be the process ?

* SOLE : Self Organized Learning Environment

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    Apr 12 2014: I think the SOLE concept is very powerful but is suspect the process would hampered if a specific outcome was expected. Adults would need to be willing to joind such a group with no preconcieved notions of what the end result would be.

    As an adult, I tend to base my thoughts and ideas on past experiences ( direct or through others). I would need to feee myself of that to be of any use in a SOLE. Could adults do that?
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    Apr 10 2014: I have seen siblings discover new information... share and learn from this experience. I have seen children attend schools and learn some information, mostly the answers to some standardized tests. The best learning experience I have seen is where a group of children were led by a .... tour guide... down an exciting path of information allowing the children to.... stop and smell the flowers, enjoy the view and excite them about all the wonders they are experiencing.
    Could these tour guides have the same effect's on adults, I think there have been some although I can't think of one now, but can adults go into a new area of information and learn on their own? It's been done, I am sure. But most adults have lost their childhood imagination and excitement to acquire new information and are too involved with their current situation. At that age, some enticement may help. However, as I advanced to an... more senior situation.
    curiosity got the better of me and I found that I had to find out what was under that next rock.... moreover, a number of my contemporaries seem to have that same curiosity.
    So, is Mitra correct? Maybe....
  • Apr 10 2014: My worldview crashed many years ago. A worldview is the foundation of your reality. It's a belief system. When it crashes, nothing makes sense. At that point, you discover how uneducated you are. You then have a choice: suicide or self-education.

    I chose self-education. I have the most broad-based education of anyone that I know. I don't need a special environment to learn. One of the things that I learned is that most of what I learned through formal schooling was a lie or an untested assumption. Therefore, if you think that you need to pay for your education, (outside of Internet access or a library card), you are mistaken. Most people (including those with all levels of degrees) are functionally uneducated. They live in very tiny worlds.

    Your education is in your hands--especially seeing as you have access to the Internet. You don't need a teacher. You need the desire to learn.