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What do you think are the TOP 5 technologies / companies poised for growth over the next five years?

Here are my picks!

Fusion energy:

McDonalds - I think it's going to take over China / India the same way it did America.

Pharmacy - Healthcare reform has been a great boon to the pharmacy industry!

Walmart - Bound to take over China /India

Monsanto - I suspect corn isn't the only crop that this company plans to genetically modify!

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    JB E

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    Apr 17 2014: My bet is on; 1) Genetics, engineering via stem cells 2) cybornetics, we are already seeing this in artificial limb replacements but the technology is in the midst of a big breakthrough on the human body to electromechanical interface. 3) solar energy, this is basically Indirect Fusion Energy far easier and quicker to implement than cold fusion, I just don't see cold fusion happening. There is a law of physics that says "you can't get something, for nothing" 4) Drones, this isn't only the flying drones we normally think of, I'm talking automated vehicles. Our cars,. trucking, farm machines etc. The technology is already here and it's not all that hard or complicated it just needs to be utilized. 5) This is my long shot, quantum computes. They have them already but not very big or workable but if they can ever make it work consistently it will be like a explosion. The power of a quantum computer would enable things like we see on sci fi movies.
  • Apr 9 2014: Energy reduction, material re-use and recycling technologies. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. You'll get used to it. "Where there's muck, there's brass." "Waste not, want not." "A stitch in time saves nine." "Make do and mend."
  • Apr 22 2014: 1, Companies inventing better sex life product

    2, better cheaper protein manufacturing (monsanto
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    Apr 10 2014: First, let me make clear that I only invested a small amount of money in markets to "bet" on future growth.... I lost, big time....
    So, with that admission of failure let me say....

    The three companies you have listed are probably looking pretty good, they seem to have well thought out and working business models.
    The other two areas, I am not so sure. I see fusion energy in the very distant future if at all, as a viable energy source.
    Nuclear energy today has issues with containment among other issues and fusion power will have all those and more.
    But one can only hope.
    Pharmacology, I find an interesting subject. I have read historical comments about "medicine men" who gathered strange herbs and help cure illnesses. These herbs today have proven true. What else is out there? The mind boggles. However, I don't see where "Healthcare reform" has helped, if you are referring to what has happened in the USA. That reform is mostly a political policy and if it effects the science of Pharmacology, it will be a negative effect as is most political effects on science.
  • Apr 10 2014: I predict that our kids are much smarter than us and thus the bottom four of your predictions will be bankrupt within twenty years. However you asked for five years and you are probably right in that time frame. If you were looking for long term investment I would invest in companies like IBM because they are finally turning towards open source sharing. None of the tinker toys like iphones will be around in probably ten years so neither will a lot of those companies. Personal hardware will be a thing of the past and all software, computing and storage will be done centrally and accessed from anywhere, so companies like HP, Dell, Zerox, Apple, Microsoft, Acer, Samsung(Samsung said it was on track for a second consecutive quarter of year-on-year profit decline, and its stock price fell nearly 10 percent in 2013), LG, Sony and many others will disappear probably within fifteen years. There will be massive unemployment which will cause massive problems.
    In other words if we don't learn to share this planet and everything here the greed we are now experiencing will multiple and choke the human race.
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    Apr 26 2014: I agree with Fusion energy - the global need for safe, inexpensive power must move away from non-renewable carbon sources.

    Personalised healthcare and pharmacy based on an individuals genes

    Global pandemic response - identification of viruses likely to become pandemic - vaccine development and vaccine production and distribution.

    Environmental ecosystem restoration - we need to go back and repair the damage we have done where we can. Reforestation to prevent soil erosion and land slips, soil improvement by the addition of organic matter not artificial fertilizers, protection of aquifers, clean up the oceans, greater protection to endangered species and their habitats, removal of fences to allow natural animal migration pattens...

    Real care and respect for the elderly - in an ageing global society that seems to care only for the young, we need a batter fate your our elders than a gated community or a "care" home.
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    Apr 22 2014: MR, I assume that you chose these options based on the current markets.

    As a student of history I would think there are forces in motion that would make radical change to the world as we know it. As of 1 July 2014 the USA will initiate Capital Controls ... this is a action normally made by countries when their economy and financial stability is in grave danger. At risk for the USA is the dollar no longer being the world standard as it has been since WWII. The USA is 17 trillion dollars in debit, the economy is flaundering, unemployment is rampant, and social programs are being initiated with no backing that will spawn states into bankruptcy.

    The EU is facing simular issues and some member nations are in serious financial trouble.

    Russia is flexing its muscles and the radicals are waging wars in the middle East and also on Isreal in particular.

    The US has been totally spanked on the world stage and has no diplomatic relations and has shown that we will and have abandanded our friends and allies.

    To believe there will be a boom in any field under present concerns is beyond my ken.

    If things continue to spiral out of control ... kids will have to make a decision between their electronic toys or food and shelter.

    Just my two cents worth .... Bob.
  • Apr 22 2014: There has to be 5 technologies in this.

    I was thinking about the new "One Wheel" skateboard. Place the "One Wheel" inside the
    vehicle, and using a electro-magnetic field, create a "Wheel-less Automobile". Roadways
    could become "live" reversed magnetic fields, with charges from Tesla-like spaced earth grids.
    The technology isn't that far removed from today's inquiring minds. Torque would have to be
    overcome for hills with better designs, or maybe not. My Father built a gyroscopic 5th wheel
    inside a 1940 Chrysler that could turn on a dime at high speeds. I rode in it. Back in the day.
  • Apr 18 2014: Most of you seem to be on target to some degree. Five years is really only enough time for ten more IPhones to come out, but big money will be setting the stage for the next bubble markets. As you've pointed out, 1) personalized drones and their accessories. Robot taxis, weaponized drones, grocery drones, fastfood drones. Give it a decade or two and manual driving will be for emergency use only. 2) personalized medicine - printed organs, corrective gene inserts. Maybe a decade for larger penis's from your own cells and violet irises for your eyes. 3) upgrading the power grid - more "green" energy and smaller distributed thorium reactors. (There will be a bit of conflict between thorium and natural gas proponents.) Distributed energy will be getting cheaper, but I don't know about small scale independent power sources... I suspect superconductor-ultracapacitors and cold fusion sources will have tech and scale issues for a decade or two. 4) Cheaper energy should allow a segue to water tech - purification, recycle, desalination. 5) cheap energy and abundant fresh water would have fed a booming economy to start corrective terraforming. The relatively pathetic efforts we'll be making in the next five to ten years, to survive the impacts of global warming, involving rock-dust fertilization, redirecting hurricanes, and gene modified algae blooms, will change in scale and impact. Then we can look forward to changes in the buildings we live in and where they're at.
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    Apr 18 2014: The TECHNOLOGY FOR SIMPLE LIVING will begin to gain more adherents over the next five years. Many of us are beginning to realize that our lives are not much better or meaningful with all the modern technologies and innovations that are available today.

    Many of us are taking one or two-week vacations without internet, telephone, television, and other digital devices that are suffocating us 24/7.
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      Apr 25 2014: so what specific companies would grow under this paradigm? Or you're saying none will benefit?
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    Apr 18 2014: Thank you for your insightful replies!

    Here's something else that'll be big in five years:

    The navy has found a way to convert water in to fuel at the same price as gas!
    Definitely a game changer!!
  • Apr 11 2014: Alternative energy
    Healthcare and retirement for elders.
    Information selling and management
    Organized and professional trade skill companies (automotive repair, home repair, electronic and computer repair)
    Personalizes services of various kinds (home shopping, daycare, home accounting, home catering, etc.)
  • Apr 9 2014: 1. energy - not sure about fusion in 5 years but alternative energy source with fusion makes an interesting mix. I also think small salt reactors will become available.
    2. genetic manipulation - both plant and animal
    3. Computer Science - AI (- self driving buses, trucks, automobiles, planes,etc.) CHI (- direct interface between brain and computer, etc.), etc.
    4. Environmental controlled environments - dome cities on different planets and domed cities on earth (maybe underwater)
    5. Changes in how we shop (amazon wand is just the beginning)