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I want to start a peaceful revolution

Every time we turn around the government is violating our rights. The USA is the 24th most corrupt country. We need self governing towns. The government makes laws without our consent like politicians voting them selves a raise. I want a government where everybody has a voice and is heard. I want every new law to be voted on by the people. I want the welfare system to be more localized like it was 200 years ago before we had this horrible national debt. We can do all this by shutting down all funds paid to the government. Everybody stops paying taxes. I don't have everything worked out nor would I want to. I want other peoples ideas like the new government is supposed to be ran. As long as what somebody is doing doesn't effect somebody else than it shouldn't be a law. For instance if you don't want to wear seat belts as long as you are over 18. It is your own body your business. I know what some people are going to say. They are going to say if that person gets hurt in an accident then it could be the rest of us paying their medical. That is true but that could also be said for cigarette smokers or people that do dangerous sports or anything like that. The government without our consent put alcohol in the gas burning up peoples two stroke motors but they offered no compensation once that was discovered. We need to take control now because this country is on the verge of financial collapse and our present government knows it and does nothing.

  • Apr 25 2014: It's called "voting". You just have to get enough people to agree with you.
  • May 11 2014: Let people vote with their tax money.
  • May 3 2014: People get bored. The older don't get as bored as the younger. The government swings from left to right because the electorate swings from left to right because when there's not enough or too much redistribution they vote for more or less.