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What are the alternatives to helping other people?

In my quest for success I've studied self help, psychology and biographies of people who have achieved great things. I recently asked a disabled friend this question and I was not totally satisfied with her answer. She spends most of her time raising funds for charities online.

I am not satisfied with my progress for various reasons. Given that most of the advice I've received is help others to be successful or helping others will make you happy.

My question to you is this: how else can I live my life and achieve some of my personal goals (increase my income, improve my relationship with my family, have a good romantic relationship with a woman, etc) without focusing on "helping others" mantra?


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    Apr 8 2014: Well, Helping others is one thing you can do... and I would recommend it.

    But, if you want to achieve some personal goals, and think that helping others is a waste of time (maybe when it's not really working or if you spend all your time doing it), you could focus on your (other) passions.
    Although your personal goals "family" and "relationship" involve others... so appreciating them and caring &c is a good thing to do.
    As for income: looking for better opportunities and working hard might help you climb the financial ladder. (as well as networking: connecting people to each other will make them connect you to the people who can help you on the ladder)...

    Helping others goes both ways: let yourself be helped by others.

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